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New Fashion Trend - Squiggly Eyebrows for Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching. It is that time of the year to come up with creative, scary and funny ideas to celebrate the season. Selecting the perfect Halloween costume, as we've all experienced at some point, can be tough.

Currently, a new fashion trend on Instagram has gone viral, and it's called squiggly eyebrows!

Although some beauty bloggers and makeup artists love this fad, many people think it is ludicrous, me included!

With the mixed reactions floating around, we can all agree though that Halloween is a perfect time and use for the trend - so let's go squiggly brows fad this Halloween!

A woman's love for her brows transcends boundaries. As such, women spend hours shaping and drawing their eyebrows “on fleek” each day. Opting for squiggly eyebrows for Halloween will give a scary and beautiful effect Halloween costuming stands for.

Below are two ways to draw on squiggly brows.

The Glue Method

For this method of achieving squiggly eyebrows, you need a washable PVA glue, a concealer, translucent powder and an eyeliner or eyebrow pencil.

Start by applying the glue on your eyebrow in one direction and wait until dry. Then apply the concealer to cover the brows and even the skin tone at the brow area. Apply translucent powder to set the concealer.

Finally, draw squiggly-shaped eyebrows with an eyeliner or brow pencil. This is the best method to choose for Halloween. It is easily washable.

Threading Method

Thread your eyebrows in a squiggly manner. Then run the eyebrow pencil on the brows to emphasize shape and deepen the look. Lastly, apply the edges of the eyebrows with a concealer to make the brows look well defined and stand out.

Remember, this method is fairly permanent until the hair grows again.

There's so much fun experimenting with your ideal look for this Halloween. Choose method A for a temporary experience.

Happy Halloween!



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