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Not Your Regular Sample Size

Forward-thinking fashion houses and brands are turning away from old standards of size and beauty in the industry; and the media and people around the world are watching closely.

In the just-ended New York Fashion Week (NYFW), body-activist and model Tess Holliday strutted for American designer brand, Chromat, and with her stint on the runway, she trumped the unrealistic standards of the fashion industry while looking fabulous!

She wore a white, floor-length dress emblazoned with the words "Sample Size," which we believe, was a jab at the unrealistic sample sizes of 0-4 for runway models, and the long-drawn refusal of the industry to expand these sizes.

A picture is indeed worth a thousand words. We are all sample sizes!

Chromat makes clothes for women with diverse body types and physical abilities. Although the NYFW has long drawn its feet on the promise of inclusivity and diversity on its runways, in 2018, Chromat began executing its own mission of breaking the barriers and leading the charge towards change and diversity in the industry.

"Sample sizing tends to be an industry excuse that other designers cite as the reason why they don't feature a range of sizes in their runway shows,” Chromat explained in the Instagram caption of one of the backstage photos of the models.

Holliday, the 34-year old model, has been passionate about body positivity and inclusivity for years now. We have featured some of her various projects and causes in this magazine.

She started the #effyourbeautystandards hashtag and movement on Instagram which encourages women to love their bodies no matter what size they are.

Regarding her career, she revealed that she often gets passed on for jobs and opportunities because of her size, so walking that runway in the NewYork Fashion Week was a momentous moment for her, she said in an interview with Elle.

"What can I say?!! I'm finally part of the @chromat family!! Last night was my first time walking for a major designer in #nyfw and I can't think of anyone better to experience this with than @chromat!"

"Last night was hands down, one of the most memorable and emotional moments of my entire .

Everyone you see in this photo at some point hyped me up, held my hand, let me cry with them and we all shared so much laughter and pure joy. I wish I could have bottled up the love in this room so that y'all could feel what I was so lucky to experience!

This is what diversity looks like, this is the future. We have always been here but no one paid attention or cared because most of us pictured are outside the status quo of what's considered traditionally 'beautiful'. We deserve to take up space and trust me, we will," she added.

The bold model's runway walk made headlines and was hailed as one of the biggest moments of NYFW.

This was an empowering moment not just for her, but for every SSBBW who has given up hope of inclusion in the fashion industry.

Submitted by: Kelechi

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