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"An SSBBW knows what it is like to NOT be "average". To me, this is extremely important for development of a mature personality. It is a necessity for understanding other people that you truly comprehend what it is like to be "different". Fat women know this. They experience it every day. That fact alone makes them richer people with a mind that is more open than "average", simply because it forces them to view things from a different paradigm than "average"." ~ Mogens (BC, Canada) [FA]


Profiling SSBBWs and FAs and their views, thoughts and issues

SSBBW Profiles

Nikki - Austin, Texas (profiled in May 2010 issue)
Tishsuz - Port Richey, Florida (profiled in December 2009 issue)
Sally - The Dalles, Oregon (profiled in September 2009 issue)
April - Southern Illinois (profiled in February 2009 issue)
Sara - Boston (profiled in November 2008 issue)
Dawn - Michigan (profiled in October 2008 issue)
Susan - North Carolina (profiled in August 2008 issue)
Montie - North Carolina (profiled in July 2008 issue)
Divina - UK (profiled in May 2008 issue)
Sue - Ontario (profiled in March 2008 issue)
Ceci - US (profiled in February 2008 issue)
Mimi - Florida (profiled in December 2007 issue)
Brenda - Texas (profiled in November 2007 issue)
Gayla - Manitoba (profiled in October 2007 issue)
Rhonda - South Carolina (profiled in September 2007 issue)
Red - Oklahoma (profiled in August 2007 issue)
MeLissa - Mississippi (profiled in July 2007 issue)
Patti - Ottawa (profiled in June 2007 issue)
Marilyn - Canada (profiled in May 2007 issue)
Nikki - Michigan (profiled in April 2007 issue)
Sondra - Texas (profiled in March 2007 issue)

FA Profiles

Biggirlluvher - Montreal, Quebec (profiled in September 2011 issue)
Van - Sarasota, Florida (profiled in August 2011 issue)
Dr. Lickalottapus - Vancouver, BC (profiled in March 2011 issue)
James - Australia (profiled in February 2011 issue)
Eric - New Hampshire (profiled in January 2011 issue)
Geoff - USA (profiled in May 2010 issue)
Héctor - Madrid, Spain (profiled in March 2010 issue)
SSBBW Admirer - USA (profiled in January 2010 issue)
Sven - Springfield, Mass. (profiled in December 2009 issue)
Peter - Spain (profiled in August 2009 issue)
LuisCXG - Puerto Rico (profiled in July 2009 issue)
George - Arlington Heights, Illinois (profiled in May 2009 issue)
Steven - Las Vegas, Nevada (profiled in April 2009 issue)
Gareth - United Kingdom (profiled in March 2009 issue)
Matthew - Southern Illinois (profiled in February 2009 issue)
Stuart - 53 yrs (profiled in January 2009 issue)
Jeff - 43 yrs (profiled in December 2008 issue)
Max - Chicago (profiled in November 2008 issue)
John - Tennessee (profiled in October 2008 issue)
Fred - Germany (profiled in September 2008 issue)
Emigdio - California (profiled in August 2008 issue)
Jeff - Virginia (profiled in July 2008 issue)
Charles - Washington (profiled in May 2008 issue)
Dave - Ohio (profiled in March 2008 issue)
Dargan - US (profiled in February 2008 issue)
Orso - Italy (profiled in August 2007 issue)
Gordon - Arkansas (profiled in July 2007 issue)
Edward - Ontario (profiled in June 2007 issue)
J. - Texas (profiled in May 2007 issue)
Phil - Poet (profiled in April 2007 issue)
Mike - Maryland (profiled in February 2007 issue)

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