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Hair Care Tips For Fall

It's hard to say adieu to the sun and warmth summer brings but ... September is here!

Let's usher in the new season with a needed change of hair routine. Our hair goals for the month include retaining moisture and glow, improving hair texture and gaining some length.

1. Deep Conditioning

Deep condition your hair once a week to lock in enough moisture into your hair shaft. You can choose between a protein treatment or oil treatment. Protein treatment includes using eggs, mayonnaise and pear whiles oil treatment uses shea butter, tea oil and olive oil.

You cover your hair for about 20 minutes after application of the treatment you choose to allow the moisture seep into your hair follicles and strands. Apply some heat if desired. But make sure to be careful! Too much heat is bad for your hair.

2. Essential Oils

Cool weather is associated with cold, dry air which can make your hair frizzy and brittle.

Rub in essential oils like coconut oil, olive oil and jojoba oil daily to strengthen and protect your hair and scalp. Remember to apply the oils to the ends of your hair as well to prevent breakage.

3. Trim Ends

Due to life and excessive exposure to the sun, the ends of your hair may have become dry and damaged which causes split ends.

The best way to handle split ends is to trim them. Trimming the hair gives it a chance to grow again in a healthier manner.

4. Opt for Protective Styles

Protective styles are styles which do not put much pressure on your hair but rather keeps and protects the hair from breakage, dryness and split ends.

After moisturizing your hair, go about your day in hairstyles that maintain the ends of your hair.

Be careful about wearing scarves as they can cause breakage. If you use scarves often, make sure they are silk!

You can also tuck your hair in with braids, twists, wigs and buns to protect the ends.

The seasons of life are beautiful! Enjoy the transition from summer to fall by paying attention to your hair and watching it blossom!

Our hair is beautiful - like a crown. Are you taking care of yours?

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