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"What do I like about being an SSBBW? There are a couple of things that come to mind. I love that SSBBW's seem to represent all the goodness and kindness of the human race. We exude love; love for people, love for food, love for life. Also, on a personal note, I have found an advantage to being an SSBBW. Our society is shallow. Putting looks and thinness above all other qualities. As an SSBBW, we have a way of weeding out those shallow people, and find the "good" people; the people that dont care about size, and see us for the people we are inside." ~ Ceci [SSBBW]


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Book Review - Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office by Lois P. Frankel

"Nice is necessary for success, but simply not sufficient," - Dr Lois P. Frankel

Women learn some behaviour quite early which sabotage them later as adults. We're quick to say sorry and please often, speak only when asked to, and are mostly polite. Lois Frankel explains in her book, Nice Girls Don't Get The Corner Office, how these "nice girl" behaviours could cause career pitfalls for women.

She identifies a set of 101 girl behaviour and gives a guide to help women discard these traits and mistakes which may be sabotaging their career.

If you find yourself asking for other people's views before making a decision, doing the work of others in addition to yours in the quest of being promoted or holding your tongue because you're afraid of being called bossy or aggressive, this book is for you.

According to Dr. Frankel, in place of the behaviours listed above, you should consider taking more risks starting with small decisions, then grow to stronger impact decisions without asking for permission from others. Go ahead and ask others to do their own work and figure things out by themselves. Furthermore, speak up, disagree without being disagreeable and eliminate the fear of being called pushy. Admit that the other person may have a point but still own your views.

Dr. Frankel is a bestselling author, executive coach and internationally recognized expert in the field of leadership and development for women. Her clients include the World Bank, The Indonesian Women's Leadership Summit and Warner Bros. She earned her doctorate in Counselling Psychology, and in this book, gives women a chance to second guess their intuitive actions, get a mental makeover, be open enough to sit at the table, and participate in office politics or whatever they want to do.

You can buy Nice Girls Don't Get The Corner Office on Amazon, and soar as high as you stop making the "nice girl" mistakes.

Submitted by: Kelechi


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