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5 Ways To Get The Perfect Summer Nails

Summer is here! It is time to enjoy the sun, get tanned and walk along fine beaches. The sunny nature of summer is complemented with lots of colourful fashion and a display of style.

For me, the best part of the summer is wearing bright outfits and getting my nails well-polished. Painting my nails is not just an expression of my personal style but also a means to protect my nails from the weather. Below are five steps I use to achieve a great look.

1. Use a base coat

The base coat is a clear polish applied to the nail before any other polish. A base coat which is filled with vitamins and minerals protects the nail bed and keeps the nails healthy. In addition, base coats give the nail polish a surface to adhere to. This prevents the polish from chipping, makes the nail polish last longer and prevent stains from pigmented nail polish.

2. Use a top coat for a beautiful finish

The top coat gives the nail polish a high-gloss and beautiful finish. It makes the polish last longer, prevents chipping and evens the polish on the nails. Get a quick dry top coat to help your nails dry faster.

3. Soak your hands in cold water to dry faster

After applying your base coat, nail polish and top coat, the next stage is waiting for it to dry. Depending on the concentration of the polish, this can take quite some time. To hasten the process, dip your nails in cold or icy water for about two to three minutes. The nails drys faster this way. Alternatively, blow some cool air from your blow dryer. Please note that hot air will prolong the pace for drying.

4. Keep polish in a cool dry place and away from sunlight

Storing your nail polish in a cool place or fridge helps the formula last longer. It slows down the discolouration expected to occur as the polish gets older. It also makes your nail polish dry faster when applied. But please be careful not to freeze the polish!

5. Use a non-acetone nail polish remover to prevent weakening the nails

Your nail polish remover is as important as the nail polish. In the quest to have well-painted nails, you should be careful to maintain healthy nails before and after. Non-acetone removers are more gentle on the nails and skin. Although the non-acetone removers take longer to clean the polish, they are less drying and have moisturising effects to protect your nails.

Want to add some color to your style this summer? Follow these simple steps to wear bright coloured nail polish and share your new look with us!

Submitted by: Kelechi


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~Kate Bergquist
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~Bev Adams

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