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Anywhere But Here by Mona Simpson

Set in the 1960s and 70s, Anywhere But Here follows 12-year-old Ann as she and her twice-divorced mother, Adele, move from Wisconsin to California, with little more than a car and dreams of Ann getting into the "TV life" in Hollywood.

Reading about Adele's antics reminds you of all the times you thought your mom was "ruining your life", how much she lived for you, and how often you were wrong about her motives and actions. It also provides some insight into what the future might hold for those still trying to figure out what life has to offer.

Something great about Ann is that she doesn't indulge in the kind of overly dramatic rebellion we often associate with adolescence, but exudes a more introspective type of dissonance that allows us to keep rooting for her. Adele, her mum, is a woman who walks thin lines between charisma and cruelty. She's the kind of charming person you'd want to meet and know from a distance or for a short time. Once in the book, Adele takes Ann to an orphanage, where she tells her that "I brought you here because I'm telling you, Honey, you can't act the way you've been doing. I'm warning you."

In the end, you might get to like Adele in spite of everything. It's easy to understand why Ann ultimately forgives her.

Go read this book if you haven't read it before, or read it again if you have. You can even plan a mother-daughter date to watch the movie version with Susan Sarandon and Natalie Portman.

I hope you have a happy Mother's day! Have a good month.

Source: Glamour Magazine
Source: The Millions

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