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"We are people, just like you. We have heart, a soul, feelings. We see past the crap that many people take for granted, because we look deep within to find the value. We can be the best of friends, passionate and dedicated mates, most understanding but tough bosses. Take a second to talk to us, and get to know us. You will probably like us." ~ Nikki [SSBBW]


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March Recipes - Click Here

This month we reflect on water as the primary ingredient in recipes.

We'd love to feature one of your favorite recipes in any one of our monthly issues, just send them on to us at Hope to hear from all of you in the following months!

Exercise Videos - Click Here

In previous issues we have featured simple exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home and without buying fancy expensive equipment. You can view these videos on our Youtube channel.

Officially celebrated on March 22, World Water Day is an annual event with the primary purpose of highlighting how important it is that freshwater is available to everyone around the globe. Each year there is a theme for World Water Day. This year that theme is "Water and Jobs". The focus is on how water affects the economy and vice a versa.

There are very few people who do not appreciate the importance of water in their lives. Biology teaches that the vast majority of our body composition is water. In fact, the human brain is 70% water.World Water Day is a chance to reflect on how freshwater can be made available to everyone and could lead to and enormous change in the quality of life for those who do not currently have access.

In cooking, water is not only a common ingredient but a common method of cooking. From pasta to grains to vegetables to proteins, boiling water is in the central part of cooking for nearly every culture. This month we reflect on water as the primary ingredient in recipes. While water itself may not have an overwhelming taste, it is easily the most flexible ingredient as it picks up the flavors of anything which it comes into contact. What else can we learn about the most important resource in the world?


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