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"One of the greatest joys of being an SSBBW is the knowledge we gain from being our size...If someone is your friend, and accepts you as you are and doesn't try to change you, then you know the soul of that person, and you know that they are quality individuals." ~ Ceci [SSBBW]


FAs (Fat Admirers) and their views, thoughts and issues

What is is like being an FA in today's society. What are the joys of living/being with an SSBBW. Are there drawbacks? Let us know at

We are looking for more FAs that want to share their views of being an FA in today's society, share stories or just want to be profiled. Please email us if you are interested! As well we'd really like to hear from FAs about loving a large woman in today's society.

A blind FA - a unique perspective?

I've been excited by fat women for as long as I've had any sexual awareness, and I've also been aware that I'm not "supposed" to be physically attracted to them, or, at least, I'm not supposed to admit it. I remember, aged 9, a kid at school telling me and two friends about a woman his mother had seen while she was in hospital. Taking his cue from his mother, he told us in disgusted terms how fat this woman was, "and her belly hung down to her knees". I could tell from is tone that we were all supposed to find this revolting, but I found myself being intrigued, and wondering what that would feel like to touch. The impression the story made on me is obvious, since I still remember it clearly after more than 50 years.

My first thought was of touch because of my particular perspective on all this, a perspective which others might find interesting. The fact is that I am, and have always been, totally blind. This is liberating to the extent that, although I'm aware of social pressures and the conventional aesthetic, I don't judge people by their appearance, simply because I can't. I have no idea what someone is like physically until I already know I'm drawn to them for all the other many and various reasons which draw people to other people. Of course, as a FA, I may be hoping that a woman to whom I'm attracted has all the wonderful abundance and softness which excites me sexually, but it isn't the starting point, and I can't make the same value judgments as a sighted person, based on a physical body of which, in the early stages of a relationship at least, I'm completely unaware. Because the visual world comes to me second hand, as a result of what people tell me about it, I notice what, to me, seems to be an obsession with visible image as a definition of who you are. I also notice the insane amounts of pressure exerted on women in particular to conform to some infantilised myth of thinness as desirable. Pressure exerted by the diet industry, the media which takes that industry's advertising, and, unfortunately, by women themselves. I have had sexual relationships with women who are not fat, but the excitement I experienced as a 9 year old has never left me. Tactile sensuality is very important to me of course, and female flesh is a powerful arousal trigger for me.

I am happily married to someone who may or may not conform to SSBBW status - I'm not sure where the boundaries are - she's dress size 22/24 (UK). If readers have any questions about any points I have raised, the magazine can put you in touch with me.

"A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest."
~Irish Proverb
"Children are a great comfort in your old age - and they help you reach it faster, too."
~Lionel Kauffman

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