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"I am attracted to SSBBWs for many reasons. I love the feel of their soft bodies. Anyone know a man who does not like the soft feeling of boobs? OK - there is the reason! Fundamental instinct. Nothing more, nothing less. An SSBBW is simply "boobs all over". And I am a touch addict - so there is no escape (pun not intended - but for real)." ~ Mogens (BC, Canada) [FA]


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February Recipes - Click Here

Try these fabulous recipes for your next solo meal.

We'd love to feature one of your favorite recipes in any one of our monthly issues, just send them on to us at Hope to hear from all of you in the following months!

Exercise Videos - Click Here

In previous issues we have featured simple exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home and without buying fancy expensive equipment. You can view these videos on our Youtube channel.

When it's time to search for recipes by servings it's easy to find ones for potlucks, buffets, and large gatherings. Recipes for two are in demand during February. Both categories are based on the assumption that cooking is an activity that has sharing as the end goal. Somewhere along the line we began to see cooking for one as bit of an oxymoron. After all isn't the joy of eating alone all about lack of ceremony and a quick bite?

Surprise! Cooking when it is for yourself is not the sad, pathetic view we often see portrayed in the media. It is also not the "freeze the rest" mindset that means a regular reheating of past meals. You can cook just enough for one person and enjoy the benefits of culinary selfishness. After all, haven't we all had a time when we didn't want to share?

Tips for cooking solo:


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