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Reviews of movies, tv shows and ssbbw/bbw art and artists

Do you know of a movie or tv show that features ssbbw/bbw that you'd like us to review? Or perhaps you want to write a review yourself and see it in print! Or maybe you know of some great ssbbw/bbw art you want us to showcase. Let us know at

D Jose Maldonado is an artist based in Honduras whose work mostly involves creating gorgeous, intricate work for the tourist trade. He is an artist who works hard, creating the work he sells as well as those he does for pleasure. These pieces are often inspired by SSBBWs that he sees online. His work is unique, and he constantly experiments with color and style. He's given me permission to share some of his work here for you, but I would highly recommend adding his facebook page, so that you can see more of the work he's created as well as the new pieces that come out every week!


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