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Bland. Dull. Boring. Middle-of-the-road. What do these descriptions have in common?


Meaning "little pod" in Spanish, vanilla has become synonymous with the ordinary. When you want to say that something is almost without flavor, call it vanilla. Why is vanilla perceived a so the blah when vanilla is the most popular ice cream flavor?!

Despite its reputation for sweetness, vanilla is a wonderful flavor they can also be used to enhance the savory dishes. So before you use the word vanilla to describe something as ho-hum vanilla let's review a few facts:

So, while chocolate is revered and placed on a pedestal around the world, let's not forget the vanilla. It may not have its own day in September, like chocolate, but vanilla is still a wonderful ingredient in both foods and perfumes.

Take time this September to take another look at this so-called "boring" flavor. Try this month's recipes or incorporate vanilla into your favorite dessert. Give it a new chance to tantalize your taste buds and you will find that vanilla is anything but ordinary.


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