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Hello ladies! We're well into 2018 now and hope everyone is living in the truth, goals and dreams we had at the start of the year. We need to support each other and stay upbeat and positive, regardless of how things around us may be.

Like Author, Vivian Greene said, "Life's not about waiting for the storms to pass rather learn to dance in the rain."

This month, our book is Learning to Dance in the Rain by Mac Anderson and B.J Gallagher which emphasizes that how we react to situations in our lives determines the level of joy and happiness in our lives.

We are better and stronger when we go through tough seasons. We're also better and stronger when we go through the good ones. Every season brings with it unique blessings.

Learning to Dance in the Rain makes us think of questions like, "Do you spend time feeling sorry for yourself?" or "Are you grateful about the good things in your life?"

When life gives dark clouds and rains, we have to appreciate the moisture that brings a soft curl in our hair as well as hold tight to the warmth of our sweaters. When life gives the sun, we should turn our faces up and feel its warmth - finding something to be grateful for in every season no matter our preferences.

This book gives reasons to be grateful, not only in the good moments but also when storms come - pulling on the power of gratitude.

As we tackle March and the months to come, let's remember to "dance in the rain."

You can get a copy of Learning to Dance in the Rain by Mac Anderson and B.J Gallagher to keep you going. If you do let us know your thoughts via our Facebook page.

Submitted by: Kelechi


"Showers and sunshine bring,
Slowly, the deepening verdure o'er the earth;
To put their foliage out, the woods are slack,
And one by one the singing-birds come back."
~William Cullen Bryant
"St. Patrick -- one of the few saints whose feast day presents the opportunity to get determinedly whacked and make a fool of oneself all under the guise of acting Irish."
~Charles M. Madigan

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