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Food Waste

Food waste is not always a matter of not caring or of selfishness. It often cause by a simple case of forgetfulness. We have purchased specific items for a dish that never materialized. Or perhaps it was leftovers pushed to the back of fridge only to be discovered when foraging deep in the back. Whatever the cause, food waste cannot be eliminated one-hundred percent of the time (for most people). However, we can practice a few tips that can cut down on it.

Reducing food waste can increase the coinage in your pocket and a guilty conscious. Start off the new year with a plan to use what you have. Following are suggestions for cutting down on the food that goes in the trash.

1. Use a grocery list and buy what you need. Cutting back on impulse purchases means waiting to buy more perishables until what you already have is used up.

2. Buy exactly what you need. Purchse loose produce instead of those already bagged if what you need are only a few. So if you only need one yellow bell pepper (and you don't plan to use any more) buy only one. Just because it is only sale 5 for $1, doesn't mean you HAVE to buy all 5. If your market has bulk items, try that. This way you can buy exactly what you need. This is especially good for items like nuts and grains.

3. Look honestly at yourself and your eating habits. If you are not a cook-from-scratch person, don't buy lots of things that need to be cooked from scratch. Canned and frozen goods that can be reheated quickly are less likely to be thrown away. If you don't like convenience foods, don't allow them to fester on your shelves or in the fridge. Don't let "wishes" and moral judgements affect your grocery purchases. More honesty, less waste.

4. Have more than one idea for a special ingredient. Did you buy an expensive cut of meat or a specialty cheese? Just in case your original recipe doesn't work out or you have extra left over, make sure you have another way to use your ingredients. Stuffed Bell Peppers recipe? Use the left over bell peppers or scraps in an omelette or cooked beans recipe.

5. Get organized!!! This is the first step since you can't know what you have if you don't have it sorted and stored and organized.

6. Keep the oldest items in the front. When loading the fridge or freezer, put newer items in the back. This is especially true if you are buying replacement items "early". For instance, soy milk is on sale. If you want to put the new box in the fridge (to get cold) while you still have an opened box, make sure the open one is in the front. It may sound simple, but how often have we opened an item only to find that there one already the back of the refrigerator! Oldest first, just like the grocery store.

7. Label. Label. Label!!! Mark items with the purchase date. A quick glace can be the kick in the pants you need to use something before it goes bad! See a date in bold (Sharpie!) wording can be the one day difference you need to use an item before it begins to spoil. Freezer and refrigerator storage bags can be found with spaces for writing, or you can tape a note on yourself.

8. Store food items properly. Make sure items that need to be refrigerated upon opening are placed in the fridge. Read might be surprised to know what DOES need to go in the fridge. Use the right tools for storage. Aluminum foil, plastic wrap, zippered freezer bags: these all have their use. If you can afford it, purchase a vacuum seal unit. Vacuum sealed items last much longer AND you can take advantage of sales to bulk purchase.

9. Use technology like smartphone apps or free download computer software to remind you of what is in your fridge or on shelves.

10. Most of all: BE AWARE!! If you make a point of making the elimination of food waste a priority for 2014, you will find that slowly these ideas become second nature and regular habit. Save money and save food this year.


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