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Build A Capsule Wardrobe For The New Year

Happy New Year! We love new beginnings here, at SSBBW.

We all have changes we hope to make this year (I know I do), and our wardrobes may be a good place to start because "feeling good sometimes starts from looking good."

This January, we'll be sharing a solution to the problem of having lots of clothes but nothing to wear. Drumroll, please... It's a capsule wardrobe!

A capsule wardrobe is a small collection of essential clothing usually 30 to 40 items which reflects personal style and worn over a long period. The idea is to own high-quality clothes you can mix and match daily, more like a minimalist wardrobe.

When done right, a capsule wardrobe will help save time in choosing an outfit everyday. Also, the need to shop for new clothes will be reduced, saving you a lot of money.

Here are steps to build a capsule wardrobe:

Step 1- Empty your closet

It is important to empty your closet so you get a full knowledge of all the clothes you have. You may discover clothes you have never worn or have been looking for.

Decluttering your closet will make room for your more cherished clothes, make you feel lighter and help you make easier style choices.

Step 2- Sort Through Your Clothes

You need to sort all your clothes into groups. First, you gather the clothes you wear often which are in good shape.

Second, you group the clothes you wear from time to time.

And last, you select the clothes you don't wear at all or haven't worn in a long time.

Step 3- Select Your Capsule

With your personal style and everyday lifestyle in mind, select the clothes you want for your capsule.

Choose from the first and second groups of clothes you sorted in Step 2. Make sure to include bold colours such as black, navy blue or brown for bottoms.

If you work in corporate, remember to create a capsule that reflects that. For every attire you choose to add to your capsule, think in terms of all the other items. Can they match? Do they look good together?

Each item of clothing must be complementary to your capsule and should blend well with other items.

Choose a number of bottoms, blouses, dresses and blazers of your choice, and don't forget to add shoes and accessories!

Remember, the goal is to simplify your life! Keep only the clothes you wear in your closet and keep all others in storage. Enjoy the start to 2018!

Submitted by: Kelechi


Fat Positive Blogs

Blogs are a wonderful source of information. I have found them to be a useful Fat resource, especially when it comes to body positivity and fatshion. It is so helpful to see what clothes look like on bodies that are shaped like ours. It is also helpful to know that there are others out there who have the same life struggles that we have. You might get a different perspective on how to deal with things, based on the experiences of others.

I recently joined a group of plus size bloggers. We are taking one fashion topic a month and doing a blog hop. Our first topic was leggings. We all did a blog about it, linked our blogs, and published them at the same time. It is so great to see the many different ways an item can be worn on a fat person, from smaller plus to super plus.

Here is a link to my blog. In it, you will find the links to all the other blogs.

Here is a list of some fat positive blogs that might help you on your journey:

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"Youth is when you're allowed to stay up late on New Year's Eve. Middle age is when you're forced to."
~Bill Vaughn
"Many people look forward to the new year for a new start on old habits."
~Author Unknown

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