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Book Review - Shrill: Notes From a Loud Woman by Lindy West

If you are looking for a book which discusses and celebrates vulnerability, feminism, charm and openness about growing up on the plus size, Shrill: Notes From a Loud Woman is for you.

Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman is a memoir by Lindy West, a columnist at the Guardian newspaper and a regular contributor to This American Life. Most of her work focuses on feminism, social justice, humour and body image.

Lindy West is also the founder and editor of I Believe You, It's Not Your Fault, an online space for people to share their honest fears and seek support about subjects that are hard for most people to talk about.

She also founded #ShoutYourAbortion, a reproductive rights destigmatization campaign that is especially relevant now with the rise of Donald Trump.

West uses the power of comedic storytelling to uncover the woes people hide inside, and encourages us to stand up for what we believe in. She shares stories about her life - her struggle with weight, being a feminist, defending abortions and planned parenthood.

In this book, West recalls how she grew from a shy child to a fearless woman who has come to accept herself for who she is. She recounts stories of her time in third grade, as a child who was scared to lift her hands to ask or answer any question in class, and how society has ridiculed women like her whose bodies are different from the social norms.

West recalls her countless encounter with online trolling and misogyny. She dedicated a chapter in a book on the topic and delved into how she has dealt with the issue in the past. Anytime she wrote or spoke on a controversial topic, she received backlash from people on the internet who mostly showed no form of identification whatsoever. In the face of constant internet trolls and misogyny, Lindy West remains resilient and unmoved.

For the lady who feels that her body is shameful and unworthy, West advises her to embrace "fat positivity". She used the term "fat positivity" severally in her book to indicate how she embraces her looks and acknowledges she is human.

West’s greatest wish for every reader of her book is to understand that they are okay the way they are and do not have to change for other people to feel comfortable.

She emphasizes that being cool is not that important in life but striving to be good is more fulfilling and worthy.

You can purchase the book on Amazon. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Submitted by: Kelechi


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