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"Being attracted to a SSBBW, I can say with honesty and certainty that I find everything about a SSBBW to be a beautiful thing. From the large and soft curves of her body, to her large and open heart. A large woman often sees life as others do not; seeing everyday as precious, every moment as a moment to laugh and love, and those around them as people to treasure. Being a SSBBW is a blessing. With lots to offer, every large woman is unique, yet not alone. I am proud to be a man who loves and appreciates all you have to offer. Be proud of what you have, flaunt your beautiful curves, and let the world see that big smile." ~ John [FA]


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Julliette Belmonte is a professional artist in New Hampshire, US who began painting at a very young age in her mother's studio. She has developed two distinct bodies of work.

The first is a serious side that includes portraits and figures done in layers with somber tones contrasting with bright color and fabric. This side of her work is meant to convey specific moments of truth and/or emotion, and they often take her years to complete.

In this gallery we are celebrating Julliette's fun side. This second body of paintings, that she calls her “Darling Romeo” collection, are bright and fun. She allows her imagination to run wild and often finishes these paintings in a day, simply enjoying the process. This joy comes through in splashes of bright color through the often ample women and men who scamper across her canvas, along with a mermaid or two!

You can see and purchase more of Julliette's work at

Written by: Toni Crane

"It kills you to see them grow up. But I guess it would kill you quicker if they didn't."
~Barbara Kingsolver, Animal Dreams
"A father carries pictures where his money used to be."
~Author Unknown

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