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The ladies in Lilli Hill's paintings are mostly big and almost always brash, posing nude in the evacuated context of a formal portrait. Hill paints the great, creamy rolls of her fleshy women with impressive detail, and the expressions and postures are poised to convey a hearty defiance and flirtatiousness - whether embracing a Minotaur, decapitating roosters, or channeling Rubens. That defiant gaze makes the ladies' portraits both difficult to look away from and a lighthearted study of curiosity. Some of her later portraits follow a more surreal tone, incorporating illusions and costume, but the playfulness (and the fleshiness) remains.

Lilli Hill was born in Kazakhstan. In 1993 she moved to Germany where she is well-known for the movement in her paintings. While L. Hill had no favorite themes in the early years of her work, she has been known for the last ten years mainly for her - often individual - action- oriented paintings. These have remained the focus of their work to this day.

Written by: Toni Crane

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