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Self Acceptance and Society/Fat Acceptance

Self acceptance is loving and appreciating yourself even if there are things you'd eventually like to change. Fat acceptance or society acceptance is getting society as a whole to accept that we have the same rights as everyone else and to reduce prejudice within the community.
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Self-acceptance means unconditional appreciation and support for who you are now, including all the elements that you want to change.

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Welcome to 2017...Living Life With New Resolutions

Well, here we are again at the start of yet another new year. It surely is hard to believe that another 365 days have quickly come and gone. At this point, I can't even recall what my resolutions were for last year so I'm fairly sure I did not adhere to them...well that is, if they had anything to do with losing weight or getting in shape.

Instead of making a 'resolution' to do the two things that always seem to trip me up and make me feel terribly guilty and defeated, I'm going to try a different approach. There are two things I have decided to do this year that will ultimately make me and others feel really special about each day.

The first thing I want to do is to be grateful every day. Whether this is in thankful meditation or prayer, I want to give thanks each morning or evening for the people and things that bring joy into my daily life. I am especially connected to nature and feel gratitude for all the natural wonders of the moon, stars, clouds, sun, ran and even the snow. I feel a great sense of calmness when I am able to sit in nature and appreciate the sights and sounds the world has to offer.

I am thankful that some of my favorite moments in nature have given me great peace. Sitting alone at night in 20 degree weather looking up at the moon and stars connects me to the universe at large and makes me feel a small, but important, part of it all. So I'm planning on more of that.

There are times when I have sat and watched the birds swoop in and out of trees, and out of nowhere a brilliantly-hued bluejay or red cardinal mystically appear as if to tell me my loved ones in heaven have appeared and are sharing my wonder. Suddenly taking the time to pay attention seems immensely worthwhile and once you pay attention it is so easy to be grateful.

The second goal in my altered approach to New Year's resolutions is to reconnect with my loved ones on a deeper level. Our world today is inundated with social media at every turn and connecting and communicating is a far cry from what it used to be. So this year my goal is to make a personal phone call once a week to someone I have not spoken to nearly enough. No texting or instant messaging or Facebook posts and likes-but an actual real-life dial the phone and talk to someone phone call.

Beyond phone calls, I'm taking communication one step further. I'm going to personally connect with people I haven't seen in some time through coffee or dinner dates. 2017 could be a great year of re-connection on many fronts!

With these two new goals in mind, I'm also hoping that those long-lost goals of losing weight and getting in shape just happen to hit the mark as well, but even if they don't, I'm confident that living 2017 in gratitude and reconnecting with loved ones on a more meaningful level can only result in one thing-another great year!

Wishing you self-love, blessings, gratitude and wonder in 2017!

Written by: T.E.Bush

"One resolution I have made, and try always to keep, is this: To rise above the little things."
~John Burroughs
"We spend January 1 walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives... not looking for flaws, but for potential."
~Ellen Goodman

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