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"I am captivated by the femininity of their curves. I find a full-figured female body very sexy and appealing." ~ Charles [FA]

APRIL - I don't know about others but here in Canada it's been a long winter. Just yesterday here in Ottawa we had another winter storm and on March 24 we broke a record!! This month we celebrate Easter on the 16th and on the 1st it's April Fools and I love the great jokes some companies come up with like Google and WestJet. Keep on your toes on the first and enjoy Easter and we'll see you next month!


20 Ways to Cut Fat in Cooking in the Health/Fitness section. "Coconut flour: The exotic flour you absolutely need to try" in our Health at Every Size section.
The Venus of Willendorf in our Art/Entertainment section. Book Review - Things No One Tells Fat Girls: A Handbook for Unapologetic Living - Jes Baker in our Literature section.
"Get on Your Bike and Ride...Making a Spring Promise to Yourself" in our Acceptance section. Fashion Tips on How to Wear Monochrome in our Fashion/Beauty section.


Please stop by for a while and peruse our pages. Visit our forums and join in the discussions. We have a board For Females Only where you can discuss sensitive and intimate issues and a new FAs Only Board. Only registered forum members who email us for access to these boards will be able to read and join them.

As always, this magazine is for you and by you. We are always looking for input from our readers, both SSBBWs and FAs. If you have suggestions, comments or want to see something specific let us know. And if you have something to say that you want our readers to see, send it in. Whether it's about your favorite store for clothes, a great book, poem or movie you want to review for us, whether you have something to say about acceptance or weightloss or just have a story to tell, please feel free to contact us.

So sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy your stay.

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