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Cuban Cuisine

The ingredients, techniques, and flavors of Cuban cuisine are shaped by its conquered indigenous North American Taino foods and those that followed from Spain, African nations, France and China, with the latter being most prevalent in Havana and its surrounds.

The only dish that has been handed down from that time is casabe, a round thin cake made from cassava which is grated, dried, pounded and cooked. From Africa came foods such as okra, taro root and plantains. Another significant event was the arrival of Chinese immigrants during the mid 19th century. Their contribution includes soy sauce and Chinese-style rice.

Cuba's location made it an important route for trade and its ports were responsible for the multitude of influences. It is the reason that seafood and tropical fruits and root vegetables are prominently featured in traditional dishes. Cachurcha peppers, yuca, malanga (taro), green plantains, and fresh sugar cane are ingredients specific to traditional Cuban cooking. While that produce may be hard to find for those outside of a tropical area, coconut and papaya may be easier to find.

Due to its diverse influences, Cuban cuisine is not easily defined. However, the unique flavors are unmistakable and goes far beyond the infamous Cuban sandwich with its Cuban, Key West and Miami, Florida comingling.

For many of us, Cuban food has been largely ignored by the mass media and the Cuban sandwich the only recognizable item from this tiny island full of history and delicious foods. If you are new to this cuisine or an old hand, please enjoy and try one of the recipes this month.

Submitted by: Anita Williams

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Halloween: Haunted or healthy?

It's that time of the year again: temptation and exaggeratedly-advertised candy sales everywhere; yummy candies begging to be eaten from the free-for-all bowl at the nearby cubicle; the overflowing pillowcases of candy to be collected by the kids.

No stress: Here are a few tips to enjoy some Halloween candy without being haunted by it for the months to come.

Embrace the beautiful fall weather!

Written by: Shari

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