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A new year always brings a new set of trends that will be analyzed, assessed, and reassessed all year long. Sometimes the trend sticks and we are over saturated with everything "oat" or "bacon". Other times the new "it" food never catches on and joins the junk heap of never-was.

For 2016, there are a few trends that may be worth trying. The new year presents a great opportunity to take a little risk and expand your palate.

Here are a few of the foods you are likely to read or hear about in 2016.

Fermented Foods

Think things like pickles, sauerkraut, kefir, and kimchi that taste sour. Because sour is the taste that counteracts sugar, many culinary experts think that not only will fermented foods be popular, but that pickling at home will be on the rise.

Whiteman says that sugar will be this year's "culinary satan." Because fermented foods taste sour, they are the psychological anecdote to sugar, and are likely to soar in popularity this year.

Pacific Islands Cuisine

With an emphasis on new varieties of fish, to avoid overfishing, expect to see cultures such as Hawaiian become popular and in the spotlight. Traditional dishes like poké bowls and musubi are just now entering the U.S. mainland as fast casual restaurants and in food courts. At home, the resurgence of Spam, a canned ham product, is a testament to new influences.

Compound Flavors

According to international food consultants, Baum & Whitman "Compound flavors are hot...flavors like sweet teriyaki, cranberry jalapeno ... branching into honey jalapeno bacon and buffalo chicken."

2016 Hot Flavor: Turmeric

It's what makes curry powder yellow and is rumored to be a cure-all. This fragrant spice is seeing a spike in use by home cooks.

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