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Our May recipes show you how to use the five mother sauces.

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For many people around the world, the biggest holiday in May is Mother's Day. Did you know that classic French cooking has a "mother"? A mother as in the 5 Mother Sauces that are the foundation of all other types of stock and emulsions.

The five sauces were first developed in the early 1800s by French master chef, Antonin Careme. The legendary chef Auguste Escoffier replaced one sauce leading to the five we recognize today. Four start with a "roux" which is a sauce thickener made of wheat flour and a fat, usually butter. The tomato sauce is very different than the Italian version as it is thickened and uses pork as as part of the cooking process. The five sauces are:

Bechamel: Roux + Dairy (traditionally milk or cream)

Veloute: Roux + White Stock (traditionally chicken, but also vegetable or fish)

Espagnole: Roux + Brown Stock (traditionally veal or beef)

Tomato: Roux + Tomatoes (or, go the Italian route by skipping the roux and simply reducing tomatoes over medium-low heat until thick)

Hollandaise: Egg Yolks + Clarified Melted Butter + Acid (like lemon juice or white wine)

Master these 5 sauces and you can create hundreds of variations only limited to your imagination!

Submitted by: Anita Williams


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