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Lyric Richardson's unique blend of urban/ alternative that he's dubbed Alternative Soul, has been gracing stages in the Plus Size community for over a decade. He's performed at a variety of venues including BBW Vegas Bash, Well Rounded, Butterfly Lounge, Club Catalina, Malones, The Whisky a Go Go, and The House of Blues. You can catch him soon at the Ibar Theatre, and Roscoes Chicken and Waffles in Long Beach (Jazz Lounge).

He's a steadily rising star in the community with several beautiful body positive songs on his roster. With plus size rising in popularity, I believe that he is on the cusp of breaking into mainstream media. I was excited to snag an interview with him for SSBBW Magazine.

Thanks for being here, Lyric. Let's jump right into it. How long have you been singing?

Lyric: I started singing at 11. I was Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol. Lol. Professionally for 10 years.

Was your family, growing up, musically inclined?

Lyric: My mom went to Hollywood High and danced a number of Broadway productions. She did one production with Emanuel Lewis "Webster" that's how I got middle name, Emmanuel

Who writes your songs? Do you have a favorite?

Lyric: I write all my own songs. I love to co-write and and collab whenever I can. I'm not sure I have a favorite song, but I have favorite lines from my songs. Right now though I guess my favorite song is one Called "Superhero Hearts" cause it sounds very sweet but it's actually quite dirty. Lol

Who are your musical inspirations?

Lyric: Oh My GOD!!!! There is a huge very list with a variety of genres. I grew up on Tupac, Biggie, Dove Shack, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Eminem, NWA, Luther Vandross, Boyz II Men, Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey. Now I really jam out to stuff like Pink, Fun, Fallout Boy, John Mayer, 30 Seconds to Mars, B.O.B., Ed Sheeran, Macklemore, Ron Pope, Maxwell, and 3 Doors Down to name a few.

When did you know you wanted to pursue this talent as more than a hobby?

Lyric: My High School choir teacher Mark Rowher partially paid for me to go on a fieldtrip to New York so I could compete and sing with my choir. That was my turning point. I realized that I could singing could take me places. However I stepped away from music for a year or so, I thought maybe it was just a hobby, but when I did the "Fight 4 Me" mixtape so many people got behind me that it was hard to deny that this is who I am. Music's in my blood and to be honest although I love my family very much, that year I took off I felt like a piece of me was missing. I tried filling that void with Football, Hockey, and MMA lol. 3 championships later I was still trying to find ways to perform or record. lol

I saw that you recently performed at The House of Blues. Can you tell us a bit about that?

Lyric: The House Of Blues was really cool!!! The venue was gorgeous. From the back you can see all of Los Angeles. The inside every inch is decorated, and caries history in the walls. It was a Blast. A lot of great people came out. My whole focus for this particular show was to tell stories through my music. And in doing so the crowd that night laughed together, cried together and sang together. It was really beautiful. A lot of people told me it was my best show yet.

I've heard rumors that you plan to audition for The Voice? Can you tell us more about that?

Lyric: It's true. People ask me all the time how come I don't try out for the voice, and I guess truth is I never saw myself as a pure singer… I didn't even like my voice till 2 months ago. Lol. I spent my whole life trying to sound like other people, always chasing someone else's sound. I have a unique voice and sound and I'm still learning to love it. My audition is in July on the 25th. Make it or not should be fun.

I noticed that your songs tend to be very positive. What do you hope people hear when they listen to them? What do you hope to inspire?

Lyric: Every song is different but if there is a common denominator it's that you need to love yourself. All of us have a story, personally, visually, and historically. All these stories regardless of how harsh or "ugly" are beautiful. Therefore you are beautiful. Aside from that when I write clever lines like...

"Give me a pen and watch me write that song
Scribble out all my sins
And watch me write my wrongs"

I hope the 2nd and 3rd time people go back and listen to my verses they catch the fun little Easter Eggs I hide in every song.

What do you do in between creating beautiful music?

Lyric: Hockey, football, and videogames!!! And not famous enough yet to ditch my 9-5 as a Coach and Instructional Assistant. I work with special needs kids at a Junior High. They inspire me too. Lol. Spending time with the family is a lot of fun. I have 3 kids, and a beautiful wife, so they keep me busy.

What would be your message to the SSBBWs who read our magazine?

Lyric: Sexy at any size!!!!!! Keep doing you because I know a whooooooole lot of guys you love bigger girls, myself included. More importantly your personality and how you treat others can determine what you look like on the outside to others. Lol As a kid I associated thicker girls with Eleanor from Alvin and the Chipmunks, and it was that whole sweet kind and shy thing that I first saw beauty in ... then as I got older I realized that I liked a curvier girl.

What would be your dream musically?

Lyric: I want to make my living from my music. I would love to tour and see the world by way of my music. I want to set myself and my family up in a good place, and not have to worry about where the money for the bills are going to come from. I'd also like to write for some other big name acts. 

Where can we see more of your work? Where can we find you online?

I'm really active my twitter and facebook as well so hit me up lol.

Do you sell copies of your music? If so, where can we purchase?

Lyric: You can get the most recent stuff at CD Baby, but I'm gearing up to release some new music so stay tuned.

Thanks so much for allowing us to share your music here. We look forward to watching as your star continues to rise!

Written by: Toni Crane

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