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Recipes to let you indulge yourself in the New Year without breaking the bank or the scales.

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Every January were are bombarded with adverts and commercials emphasizing starting the New Year "right". And what do the ads see as "right"? Self-depravation. At every turn, we are admonished to deny ourselves or we are bad people. Don't eat this. Don't eat that. Don't use salt. Don't eat sugar. Don't drink soda. Don't drink caffeine. Don't eat fat. Don't eat carbs. Don't eat sushi (mercury-laden). Don't eat meat. Don't eat gluten (excepting those with celiac disease).

Don't. Don't. Don't.

Well, there is proof that constant denial of life's pleasures can actually hurt you! A research study from marketing professors at the University of Pittsburgh, Duke University, and Vanderbilt University found that adding in small indulgences along with a generally healthful way of eating does NOT compromise your overall health. In fact, reasonable indulgences can relieve stress, improve concentration, improve our emotional stability, and renew energy. A little treat can make a difficult task easy or provide something to look forward to. Indulgences are not always bad. Just like everything else....balance is the key.

So this month, we celebrate INDULGENCES. Big indulgences. Little indulgence. Expensive and affordable. So what can we consider indulgent? Traditionally, the following foods have been, or still are, considered to be the ultimate in food indulgence and are presented with no judgement:

While we are not insinuating that you have to break the bank to indulge, you can incorporate a little excess into your routine on an occasional basis. And you can do it by using just a tiny bit of a luxurious ingredient or going all out with a more reasonably priced one. Some more affordable luxuries:

However you choose, be sure to treat yourself in during this season of denial!


Submitted by: Anita Williams

Overcoming the Urge to Splurge

Now that we have left the holidays behind us, it can sometimes be difficult to give up the "holiday mentality" of eating. Here are a few tips to help us overcome the urge to splurge.

Remove Temptation. Don't keep "binge" foods such as chocolate, chips, or ice cream at home. If they must be there, store them out of sight.

Buy mini-portions. Go for smaller or single-size, pre-packaged servings (so you won't be tempted to eat a whole large bag).

Be prepared. Plan ahead for what you will do when you encounter a tempting situation.

Postpone your binge. Distract yourself for 15 minutes. The impulse will probably pass.

Eat slowly. Savour each bite.

Stay busy.

After a slip-up, don't sit around feeling guilty. Clean the house, wash your car, go for a walk.

Stay positive. Don't let a slip-up make you give up. Look for progress, not perfection.

Don't deprive yourself of favourite foods. Deprivation can trigger binge-eating. If you really want something, have it and cut back someplace else to compensate.

Space your meals and snacks regularly. Eat smaller and more frequent meals to keep blood sugar levels even.

Moderation is everything. No food should be forbidden. No food should be eaten in excess.

To help prevent binge eating, remember this rule: crave one, add two. Using the three food rule can put the brakes on unhealthy eating habits of all kinds. Binge eaters generally eat single item foods and just keep eating one food after another. First it's a pint of ice cream. Next a box of crackers. Then a bag of potato chips. These carb-heavy foods release the brain chemical serotonin, so you feel better emotionally. But when the food effect wears off, you crash and feel worse for having binged and the cycle starts again.

A combination of three food items can prevent the cycle from getting out of control. Each item should come from a different food group, and one item must be a protein. The rule works because it gives you structure. Want cookies? Fine, but also have a glass of milk and an orange. Crave pasta? Have it with green beans and a fruit salad. Dying for pizza? Have it with a salad and yogurt. With this rule, you can't just grab a chocolate bar when you're bored. You must think of two other foods to have with it. You'll feel more satisfied, feel fuller longer, and will be less likely to binge eat. Try it. It really works!

And remember...Don't ever give up!

Written by: Dr Doug

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