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9 Style Inspirations

Some days, we stand in front of our closets and cry because we have no clothes. Nothing seems to fit or look right.

A technique I use to get myself out of these situations is to peruse my gallery of fashion bloggers and pick a style inspiration for the day.

Whether it's a networking event, a date or a family party, I always find something I can recreate with clothes from my closet.

Here's 9 style inspirations from my favorite fashion blogger, Girl with Curves. Enjoy!

CasualYou can never go wrong with jeans, a top and a jacket. It's the perfect outfit that can be worn to almost every occasion, depending on how you dress it.

Dress it up with heels and a nice blazer, or down with flats and a simple jacket.

Photo Source:
ProfessionalAn A-line silhouette is perfect for women of all body types. It accentuates the smallest part of the waist and flares out over the hips and butt, giving you a beautiful womanly figure.

Pair with a button-up shirt and little jewelry, and you have a perfect work outfit. Keep it just above or below your knees so it's work appropriate.

Photo Source:
Out for a chat with your girlfriendsThis outfit looks like a loose-fitting jumpsuit, which is a great outfit for this category, but it's actually a maxi dress. Paired with flat sandals, complementary accessories and a colored purse, you can take this comfortable outfit from drab to fab.

Remember the key to looking good in anything is confidence! Feel good and you'll look good.

Photo Source:
Networking EventsSemi-formal events are the hardest to dress appropriately for. Wondering where to draw the line between formal and informal can be confusing.

Once again, an A-line skirt can be the perfect outfit. Pair it with a feminine blouse, nice shoes (can be low-to-mid heel pumps), a beautiful smile and you're ready to network!

Photo Source:
SummerPrinted or patterned summer dresses are beautiful and easy to wear. Pair with cute wedge or flat sandals, and a tote bag.

Having your hair down if it's a sleeveless dress can give you some semblance of your arms being covered (if you're insecure about your arms, like me).

Photo Source:
Run ErrandsBeing comfortable when running errands or carpooling is topmost priority. Looking good is second because you never know who you'll run into.

A casual button down shirt, comfy jeans, a tote bag, and flats are all you need to look put together. A little bit of makeup will have you looking fresh and cool.

Photo Source:
Relaxed Day at the BeachA relaxed day at the beach is always a good idea. But sometimes, we dread the thought because we don't have the right swimsuit.

You don't need a swimsuit if you're not going to swim!

An oversized dress, especially in a basic color (white is my favorite!) looks good on any body type. Pair it with a sun hat, and some bohemian accessories.

Photo Source:
ChicLooking attractive does not always have to mean wearing tight or form-fitting clothes.

Loose dresses paired with simple accessories, and you're out of the house in minutes.

Photo Source:
Classic - a Wrap DressWrap dresses are a fashion blessing to women. Regardless of if you gain or lose weight, it still fits perfectly.

Having many colors of this awesome creation are an investment (in my book!). These dresses can be worn to any occasion.

Photo Source:

I hope this post helps you relieve some stress. The key take-away is this: When in doubt, stalk those who know!

Have any favorite fashion bloggers or comments you'll like to share? Please do! See you lovely ladies next month!

Written by: Kelechi Udoagwu

Photo Sources:

Fat Positive Blogs

Blogs are a wonderful source of information. I have found them to be a useful Fat resource, especially when it comes to body positivity and fatshion. It is so helpful to see what clothes look like on bodies that are shaped like ours. It is also helpful to know that there are others out there who have the same life struggles that we have. You might get a different perspective on how to deal with things, based on the experiences of others. SSBBW mag has a blog section. If you haven't checked it out, you should! SSBBW Magazine Blogs

I recently joined a group of plus size bloggers. We are taking one fashion topic a month and doing a blog hop. Our first topic was leggings. We all did a blog about it, linked our blogs, and published them at the same time. It is so great to see the many different ways an item can be worn on a fat person, from smaller plus to super plus.

Here is a link to my blog. In it, you will find the links to all the other blogs.

Here is a list of some fat positive blogs that might help you on your journey:

Is there something you'd like to see here? Let us know on the forums or on our facebook page.

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