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News flash: Fat Woman Rocks Bikini and World!

"WOW. Did I vastly underestimate women's need to see "imperfect" bodies just doing regular, human stuff. There are so many comments there, and I've gotten so many tweets and emails, where women will say things like they're going to wear shorts, or go sleeveless, or try a two-piece or any bathing suit at all, now that they've seen that article... Not only am I getting messages going, "You're helping me with my personal stuff," but the support I'm getting is overwhelming. People saying, "You look fantastic," and "my husband approves," and "you're wearing it well." Obviously, that's not why I posted the article, it's a broader social commentary (the point of which was that it doesn't matter how you look, you're still entitled to wear whatever you want and be comfortable doing it), but the fact that I've received more of those messages than negative ones makes me really hopeful for the future of fat people. I'd braced myself against losing my faith in humanity when I scrolled through the comments section, but it was actually restored. Bolstered, even."

You ever get the feeling this is all starting to lead somewhere? We, as a culture in the western world, have long since been inundated with the mantra that "thin is in", and that the "bikini body" was somehow some hyper-idealized form that was only granted to a select few with a fortunate hand in the genetic lottery (or enough money to have the work done for them) but now that entire notion has been questioned, for the better. Suddenly, the gates have been opened - to the sounds of resounding praise - and it's become clear that people are tired of that trite, ancient limited mindset. Maybe, Heaven forbid, people actually have a much broader range in taste of what they find beautiful? Maybe, gasp-shock-horror, bigger ladies have every reason in the world to be confident and happy? Imagine the implications.

I, for one, don't find the surge of support for Mrs. Trout all that surprising. I think it's much more indicative of everyone's own respective fears of human inadequacy. Everyone has some kind of shame or worry, however minute, and it's easy for that tiny fear to become a huge, overwhelming fear and watching someone else bravely overcome their own concern helps us cope with our own. What the world does not need is more shaming, more blaming, more "health facts passed off in lieu of shallow people not wanting to admit their hateful bias". What the world needs, simply put, is a hero - or in our case, a heroine - a symbol to a greater good. Am I saying Mrs. Trout is my heroine? Yes, yes I am.

So, here's the challenge: don't let it end with her. The idea of a heroine is that she's to inspire action in others by being an exemplar. She's done her part, so now it's time for us to do our part. It's time to break through the fears and insecurities we've been harboring for so long and push forward in our own, metaphoric bikini. Or, at least, it's metaphoric for me, because that's a beast of a different color altogether. It's time to be brave, and to go out and do the things we always wanted to do. Ladies, maybe it is something as simple as wearing shorts, or going sleeveless. Men, maybe it's finally asking that girl out to coffee. It doesn't have to change the world - just your world. What's stopping you? Is it because you think people will laugh? That it won't work? What if I told you there's 100,000 people, ready to support you? Would you think twice knowing that? Give it some thought.

Written by: Jeff M.

You can view the original article at
Jenny Trout is an author, blogger, and funny person. You can read her blog at

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Warms the low spot; upon its grassy mold
The purple oak-leaf falls; the birchen bough
drops its bright spoil like arrow-heads of gold."
~William Cullen Bryant
"Where there is no imagination there is no horror."
~Arthur Conan Doyle, Sr.

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