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I discovered Nick P. Marton/LimeGreenSquid's work in 2006. I had never seen anything like it, and it made a big impact on me. Nick's nudes are unencumbered without the slightest hint of body shame. I was most impacted by the joy that radiated from his drawings, and I have been a fan of his work ever since.

Do you remember when you drew your first fat lady? Yes. I hid it under my mattress because I didn't want my parents finding it and making me feel embarrassed. She's not very "big" but I came from drawing muscular women, so it was kind of a slow transition, until I drew from my first photo someone sent me online (not the actual person, a random nude), and here's that drawing. It's when I realized there were a lot more shapes to learn if I was gonna do this right!

Your work has such a variety of themes! Do you have a favorite theme that you go back to again and again? Fantasy is my main favourite theme, I think. Fairies and demons and goddesses and adventurers and nature sprites... I love nature and appreciate the beauty

Is there a story behind your pseudonym "Lime Green Squid"? It's quite simple, really, hehe. My favourite colour is a specific shade of lime green, and at one point Squid were (and basically are) my favourite animal. 1: because they're cool and I learned about them in high school, dissected them and then we fried them up! 2: because they're tasty!

What inspires you artistically? Oh many things really. I think the first real thing that got me into creating is when my parents made sure I could tell fantasy from reality. I LOVED Cinderella as a kid because I wanted the Fairy Godmother's powers! Magic that can transform anything? ME WANTY! Hehe. But it was also an entertaining story. And magic isn't really real. That disappointed me, as it does most dreamers, until I was then told I could create anything I wanted with my imagination. I can draw or write stories about anything possible or impossible, as long as I knew it was just stories. That's WHY I create! The second main inspiration is being a product of severe bullying; I know how to spot people who are beaten down. Once I started noticing bigger girls, I noticed something more common back then: shame, hiding themselves, making every effort to hide their shape from everyone with baggy clothes, even in the dead of summer. So I wanted to find a way to show them that I find them beautiful, and that the online community I had found already proved I'm not the only one. But I am way too shy to show people in person this stuff, and it might seem a bit stalkery, haha. So I just posted pictures online of my imagined dream fat chicks and got some amazing, sad, but inspiring letters from women across the world who felt beautiful for the first time through seeing my work! This inspired me to focus more on my BBW artwork than the generic demons and cartoon characters I had been trying to figure out how to make original. Big girls feeling confident and sexy in their bodies is (or was) definitely original. So I felt I finally found my place in the art world!

What do you hope to inspire in others who view your work? Joyful laughter from the essence of "fun" or "cheek" almost first and foremost, hehe. Next, to help change the attitudes of those who instantly judge and shame big girls without even knowing what they are talking about. And to show real women that there are real people out there who find all sorts of bodies absolutely perfect that the media has chosen not to share with the rest of us. But it is getting a little better now. I don't have the ego to say I started it, but I do think I helped. I think Les Toil and Mike Coop have been doing this before I started, but I did not know of their work before I started mine - I was shocked at how similar my style was to Coop's! I LOVE his fat devil ladies!!

Are there any online galleries where we can view more of your work? Yes, my main gallery is at the well-known art site called under the name of LimeGreenSquid, ( and a group on Facebook as well called Limegreensquid Fan Gallery started by Toni Tails herself, and assisted by Adonia Neona of "FatGirlsDoItBest" ( ) Even if you just did a search for "LimeGreenSquid" you will find much of my work!

Do you take commissions? This part is tricky because I can't force my inspiration. I love getting ideas and getting nude pictures to draw from, of course, but I can't really ask for requests because this makes me unreliable. I have disappointed too many people in the past who had trusted me with their nudes who got nothing in return for them. So I've stopped really taking requests. Even when I have a long list of ideas I want to use, my brain always gravitates toward, "What do I wanna draw NOW?" So if you wanted to give me ideas and be credited for them, feel free to send them along. But unfortunately I can't promise anything these days. Special considerations will be made for local women who wish to pose live for me to draw from. But my brain feels like, "I've learned all I can from photos, and I'm bored, let's do something real!" So any fans in the Fraser Valley area of BC, Canada, feel free to look me up and set up a casual public meet-up to discuss ideas and browse my sketchbooks before we set a date for the actual modeling!

Is any of your art for sale, and where can we find it? There is plenty for sale through my Deviantart Prints page, as well as a new partnership I've made with FatGirlsDoItBest on Cafepress where my work can be bought on T-Shirts and posters and all sorts of things we are adding almost daily! I had a Cafepress account, but I have no real access to it anymore, and don't seem to be getting any checks from it...

I'd like to thank Nick for this interview and giving me permission to share his art here. I highly recommend that you look for more of his work online. His gallery is vast, very imaginative, and beautiful.

Submitted by: Toni Crane

"Men say that in this midnight hour,
The disembodied have power
To wander as it liketh them,
By wizard oak and fairy stream."
~William Motherwell
"Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all."
~Stanley Horowitz

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