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"We are after all as nature intended - think about it - there are many different species of animal and plant - take the bird (of the feathered kind :)) - comes in all hues - shapes - colours and sizes - flowers - all different colours - sizes - shapes - humans..... all different shapes - sizes - colours etc - so we are not freaks - we a re not ugly - we are as nature intended - to provide variety." ~ Divine DeeDee [SSBBW]


Self Acceptance and Society/Fat Acceptance

Self acceptance is loving and appreciating yourself even if there are things you'd eventually like to change. Fat acceptance or society acceptance is getting society as a whole to accept that we have the same rights as everyone else and to reduce prejudice within the community.
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Self-acceptance means unconditional appreciation and support for who you are now, including all the elements that you want to change.

Things you can do every day to boost your body image:

SSBBWs to blog about their lives each month...

My vision with this magazine is to let you know that you are not alone. There are other SSBBWs around the world with the same issues, thoughts, worries and joys as you have. Whether you have accepted your weight and love your body, whether you are actively working to lose weight or whether you want to get healthier and have more mobility but don't know where to start, you are not alone.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, have children or not, work or are unemployed, housebound or relatively mobile, healthy or have medical issues, you are not alone.

Let's band together and share our stories, our triumphs and our pain. Click here to view this months blogs.

The Journal of Our Life

Every year for many years, on December 31 I sit down and write about the year that has just past, and what I hope to accomplish in the year to come. There is something cathartic in looking at a blank piece of paper. It's still fresh, unspoiled and perfect, full of hope, optimism and possibility, until you place pen to paper. This appeals to the quasi-perfectionist in me, and I often hesitate before I begin to write, enjoying the pristine cleanness of the page.

The New Year is like a blank page in a journal; you can fill it up with whatever you'd like; there is no right or wrong. The content is what it is. Yet unlike a blank page, we cannot keep our year fresh and unspoiled for long. Every day, real life comes creeping in, with mortgage payments, unruly kids, fights with our spouse or significant other, bad hair days, sick days and long, frustrating commutes to work or school. The pages begin to fill up with the minutiae of our lives quickly and often without fanfare.

Yet each day we are given a fresh page on which to create. We get the chance to put pen to paper and re-write the passages or lines we felt were awkward or poorly written in the days and weeks before. We can choose to not respond in an unkind way to our demanding yet wonderful children or our sometimes irritating but always adorable helpmate. We can right previous wrongs. We can lend a hand to a friend or neighbor in need. We can pay for a stranger's cup of coffee. We can hug our dog or cat, watch a sad movie with a box of tissue on our laps, sing off-key and dance like a maniac around our houses.

Someday the journal's pages will run out. There will be an end, and in the end our loved ones, and all those whose lives we've touched, will be able to read our story, the good, the bad and the ugly. The pages will be full of the heartaches and the laughter. Of the ups and downs, the joys and sorrows of a life well and fully lived. It is up to us to determine what is in those pages, and we have each blessed day to fill them with whatever we wish.

I wish for you all a prosperous, safe and happy New Year.

Written by: Angie Yoder

"One resolution I have made, and try always to keep, is this: To rise above the little things."
~John Burroughs
"We spend January 1 walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives... not looking for flaws, but for potential."
~Ellen Goodman

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