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In The Club

So for the first time in my life, I went to a club. Some of you may be wondering why exactly a man who does not smoke, does not drink, and can only dance Gangnam Style would ever consider doing such a thing. Well, for context, this particular club has begun hosting an event known as BBW Envy, headed by San Antonio, Texas, denizen, Sherril Metal. She also happens to be a friend of mine, so I had to go investigate the scene. And while I did not smoke, did not drink and did not dance, I did do the one thing I am unparalleled at: I sat still and took in my surroundings while the music damaged my hearing.

The music played for a full house with live DJ, and while I must confess club music is not my cup of tea, it would be a little difficult to dance to epic symphonic metal and/or 1950's country music. However, it was a cut above and beyond the schlock you hear on pop radio, so I enjoyed it. The crowd is currently small, but hopes to grow, and the people are talkative and friendly. One young lady in particular lead the way to the dance floor (I'd find out later she's a dance choreographer, though I sadly failed to get her name) with a high-energy kinetic dance that paved the way for others to be emboldened to the floor as well. Oh, and I suppose I ought to mention that there was 3 dollar drinks, for those who partake – no idea why I would associate alcohol and modern dance, must be a wild coincidence. I picked up a regular coke for just 2 and enjoyed good conversation.

There's no doubt that it is well on its way to a great new start with room to grow, featuring a safe, welcoming environment for people of all sizes and their admirers. Protected against the seedier aspects of club life by the no-nonsense strategy and vision of Ms. Metal, the rebirth of BBW Envy should be seen not only as a step forward but as the logical evolution of club environment and management. “The entire idea is that, instead of just skinny, Hollywood women, you are the envy!” Ms Metal is quoted as saying. If you're ever in the San Antonio area, I hope to run into you there!

BBW Envy is held on Thursday nights, with doors opening at 9, at Fitzgerald's bar - 437 McCarty Road, San Antonio, Texas, 78216.

Written by: Jeff M.

The following poem was written and submitted by one of our readers, Patti from Canada.


I was at the age of yearning, wanting what every preteen wants;
To attract the eye of some hot guy, romance,my dream haunts;

I wanted to be beautiful, to attract the passing eyes;
To be envied by all other girls,and lusted for by guys;

But that wasn't the way life dealt my hand, it wasn't meant to be;
The eye catching beauties, seemed to be everyone but me;

As I ventured into womanhood, looking forward to the change;
My rounding breasts, and curving hips seemed just a little strange;

They started out all right I guess, just the way that they should be;
But kept right on progressing,way to much as I could see;

So instead of being wanted,I became the classroom joke,I was laughed at and ridiculed, until my spirit broke;

I wanted to be invisible, so I didn't have to see;
All the looks that were aimed my way, fired directly toward me;

Why did they seem to gate me so? "Was it something that I did"?;
So I gained a little weight, "My God" I'm just a little kid;

None of my friends would hang with me. "were they really that afraid";
That in their quest of popularity, they'd get a failing grade?;

So I went through school a cast out, at lunch I sat alone;
How I longed to be in High School, "if only I had known";

They were the worst four years of my life, "it'll never get better I thought";
Until one day I finally found,what my heart always sought;

It happened one night , in mid July, sitting alone at home;
I heard a chat line announcement on tv, and picked up the phone;

" What the hell I thought" it couldn't hurt, maybe it'll be fun;
I started talking to all these guys, was ridiculed by none;

This went on for quite some time, blind friendships with no chance;
They could never see me, we'd never meet, no future, no advance;

No more phone calls, no more lies, this had to be the last;
And then a voice came across the lines, and hit me like a blast;

"My name is Sid," and what is yours? Do you think that we could chat?;
I took a chance "sure I said" if you don't mind that I'm fat;

He said it made no difference, that's the way he liked them best;
So I thought I'd see how honest he was, and put him to the test;

We talked, and talked for hours, almost ten to be precise;
We decided to meet the next day, I knew I'd pay the price;

But I was wrong,I took that chance, my soulmate I did meet;
My husband now of 15 years, a love we could not beat;

So if you think there is no chance, no way to live your life;
I thought that too,but look at me, I'm a happy loving wife.

"One should always be in love. That is the reason one should never marry."
~Oscar Wilde
"The Eskimos have 52 words for snow because it is so special to them; there ought to be as many for love."
~Margaret Atwood

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