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"I like to be the old fashioned gentleman. Nowadays, it is hard, though - because few women take it for what it is! But, with an SSBBW, it is almost granted - because she gets so much value from those small gestures that she generally will let them happen!" ~ Mogens (BC, Canada) [FA]

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Self Acceptance and Society/Fat Acceptance

Self acceptance is loving and appreciating yourself even if there are things you'd eventually like to change. Fat acceptance or society acceptance is getting society as a whole to accept that we have the same rights as everyone else and to reduce prejudice within the community.
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Self-acceptance means unconditional appreciation and support for who you are now, including all the elements that you want to change.

Things you can do every day to boost your body image:

My mother is the second of five girls, raised by my grandparents in a small farmhouse in crippling poverty. My grandfather, who had to leave school at age 9 when his father died, found a job at a tannery, where he worked until my mother was in high school. It was only then, when he got a better job as a supervisor in a manufacturing facility, that the family was able to enjoy a middle-class existence.

My parents divorced when Mom was pregnant with me; my older sister was 3 years old. A housewife since marrying my father four years earlier, Mom found herself unemployed with a small child, one on the way and no way to support her growing family. My grandparents opened their home to us, and from the day I was born until I was 19, I lived under the same roof as Mom, my grandparents, my aunt and my older sister.

While it sounds crowded, it was a wonderful way to grow up. I was surrounded by retired doting grandparents, an unmarried young, fun and hip aunt who had no children of her own, thus her hobby was spoiling my sister and I rotten, and of course, Mom. Mom went to work in a local factory, leaving us in the care of my grandparents often 50-60 hours per week so she could provide a good life for us.

One thing that stands out to me about my unusual upbringing is the immense amount of love in that house. We are a group of huggers and kissers by nature. I never walked out the door to go to school or anywhere else without getting hugs and kisses from four adults. "I love yous" were given freely, and every night I was tucked in, hugged and kissed and told "I love you" by those same amazing four adults.

My grandparents passed away in 1989 and 1997, and we lost my aunt in 2009 after a sudden illness. Losing them was like losing a father and two mothers and I thought I would never fully recover. After my aunt's passing, Mom and I were talking one day about the unusual makeup of my childhood home. She apologized to me for not having the courage to raise my sister and me in a home of her own; she felt that she had done us a disservice and she felt guilty about it.

I was stunned! I told her that by raising us in such a loving home she had given us the greatest gift of all – the gift of total unconditional love and acceptance by a group of people who thought the sun rose and set in us! That loving foundation has given me the strength and the courage to follow my dreams, to never doubt myself and to know that I am wonderful and special just because I am me.

This Mother's Day, make sure you tell your mom - or whoever raised you - the incredible gifts that they gave you as a child, and how it has affected you as an adult. Mom has battled cancer in the last year and her fight continues. But I know that someday when I do have to face losing my fourth (and first) parent, I will have the comfort of knowing that she knows how wonderful she was as a mother, a mentor, a grandmother to my children and a friend. And she will also die knowing that I love her more than life itself, because every time we are together, still to this day we always part with a kiss, a hug and an "I love you". Happy Mother's Day Mom; I love you!

Written by: Angie Yoder

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My vision with this magazine is to let you know that you are not alone. There are other SSBBWs around the world with the same issues, thoughts, worries and joys as you have. Whether you have accepted your weight and love your body, whether you are actively working to lose weight or whether you want to get healthier and have more mobility but don't know where to start, you are not alone.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, have children or not, work or are unemployed, housebound or relatively mobile, healthy or have medical issues, you are not alone.

Let's band together and share our stories, our triumphs and our pain. Click here to view this months blogs.

"Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs... since the payment is pure love."
~Mildred B. Vermont
"A man's work is from sun to sun, but a mother's work is never done."
~Author Unknown

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