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"An SSBBW knows what it is like to NOT be "average". To me, this is extremely important for development of a mature personality. It is a necessity for understanding other people that you truly comprehend what it is like to be "different". Fat women know this. They experience it every day. That fact alone makes them richer people with a mind that is more open than "average", simply because it forces them to view things from a different paradigm than "average"." ~ Mogens (BC, Canada) [FA]

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MAY - As spring finally arrives (for most of us) the world begins to awake again. It's lovely to hear the birds sing and see the trees start to bud. This month the USA celebrates Cinco de Mayo on the 5th and Memorial Day on the 27th. Canada celebrates Victoria Day on the 20th. And many countries will celebrate Mother on the 12th. This year I will be appreciating my Mum a bit more after she spent these few weeks caring for me after a rather large operation.


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