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A Shout-Out to Glowpinkstah

The internet is something of a landfill, if landfills were broken up into sections of hate, vitriol, politics, and discord. Just as it's rare to fish something of value from a dumpster, it's equally (or maybe even harder) to find a ray of comfort and goodwill on the internet. Not only did I find it, though, it was featured on Yahoo News ( The article, in brief, is about one Ms. Gloria Nava, youtube screenname Glowpinkstah, as a positive plus-sized role model in a healthy relationship with a fellow, affectionately nicknamed "Glerp", who happens to be not all that large himself.

Though while telling in its own somewhat-dark way that this is news in modern society, to say I wasn't excited about this would be untrue. Maybe now the doubters and haters will understand that all shapes and sizes are beautiful and worthy of unconditional love and affection and the guys who date big women aren't settling for "less". While odd as a news article, the idea that society is starting to remove its figurative head from its rear and realizing that big people are human too is uplifting in its own way.

Ms. Nava's Youtube Channel ( is one of the most positive and upbeat things I've seen in quite some time. Approachable by all, due to a quirky, endearing style and the high-energy hostess, Ms. Nava's channel is a fantastic contribution to the plus-sized community. She provides a great deal of versatile content primarily her Makeup Mondays (beauty-related tips for the ladies), Comedy Wednesdays and Advice Fridays, where users can contribute questions for her to answer in her own style. If you haven't already, you should definitely check it out for yourselves.

Written by: Jeff M.

"May the sun in his course visit no land more free, more happy, more lovely, than this our own country!"
~Mark Twain, "Old Times on the Mississippi" Atlantic Monthly, 1874
"We peer so suspiciously at each other that we cannot see that we Canadians are standing on the mountaintop of human wealth, freedom and privilege."
~Pierre Elliott Trudeau

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