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In honor of National American Indian Heritage Month, we "re-introduce" you to Debora Iyall: rock icon, artist, teacher, and Cowlitz Native American. Born in 1954, Iyall is most closely associated with the town of Fresno, CA where her family moved when she was a young child. Forming the band Romeo Void with fellow San Francisco Art Institute students, 1979 saw Debora stepping forward boldly to front the New Wave band. Her laconic delivery instantly gained recognition for the band and in 1982, the song "Never Say Never" become a college hit and rock classic.

But beyond her musical work is a dedicated artist. As an instructor at both the the 29 Palms Cultural Center and for the Arts Council For San Bernardino, Iyall's bold style has been described as "dream-like" and "post-icongraphic symbolistic". Although Romeo Void regrouped in 1995, it was a brief appearance and Debora has continued to record music on her own and in collaboration. So take a moment to learn more about a strong, unique BBW whose unapologetic stance led the way for plus-sized female performers like Adele and Alison Moyet.

1980s Classics

Bursting onto the 80s New Wave scene with the band, Romeo Void, Debora Iyall broke all the conventional rules of the 1980s female singer.

While seminal icons like Heart were adapting to record company pressures, and hiding Anne Wilson in videos, Debra was front and center in videos for songs like "Never Say Never" and "A Girl In Trouble (Is a Temporary Thing)".

Watch videos for "Never Say Never" and "A Girl in Trouble (Is a Temporary Thing)"


Post 80s Music

Reverb Nation


- Watching the Detective
- A Girl in Trouble
- Letting
- 99

Last FM


- When I Go Blue
- Bring It
- Tell Me Why

Written by: Anita Williams

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