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"Fit Fatties Across America" Project Inspired Exercisers of All Sizes To Dance, Swim, Walk, Run, and Play Across the Country in Just 90 Days

March 21, 2013, Los Angeles, CA. Less than three months after size-friendly online exercise group The Fit Fatties Forum announced its "Fit Fatties Across America" challenge, the 1500 members have pooled their miles and minutes of movement, dancing, walking, swimming, running and playing to successfully cross the United States. A video showing a group members crossing the finish line was posted today on the group's website at

The Fit Fatties Forum is an online forum created by plus-sized, certified fitness celebrity Jeanette DePatie (AKA The Fat Chick) and speaker, activist, and national dance champion Ragen Chastain. The forum is described as "a friendly place for people of all sizes to share, support, and succeed at fitness from a Health At Every SizeĀ® perspective."

"By this time each year, many people have given up on their unrealistic weight loss resolutions and are paying for a gym membership they stopped using in February. We're happy that this has inspired people to focus on fitness at every size and to keep moving." said Forum Co-Founder, Ragen Chastain. "A lot of people are under the mistaken impression that fitness is a body size. This forum moved all the way across the country to show that fitness comes in all sizes."

The Fit Fatties Forum is designed as a place for exercisers of all sizes to encourage one another and share fitness ideas and tips outside of the emphasis on weight loss typically found on fitness sites. The forum contains a gallery with hundreds of photos and videos showing people of all sizes dancing, fencing, cycling, scuba diving, and moving in myriad other ways.

"Fat people are tired of only seeing themselves represented in 'before' pictures to illustrate some cautionary tale about obesity." said Forum Co-Founder, Jeanette DePatie. "The Fit Fatties Across America project traveled across the country to give people the opportunity to question these stereotypes and to demonstrate that athletes come in all shapes and sizes. We are justifiably proud of what we as a group have accomplished."

So what's next? Fit Fatties Around the World of course! Jeanette and Ragen invite exercisers of all sizes to join the forum and pool their miles and minutes of movement, participate in photo and video challenges, and to connect with Fit Fatties from all over the globe. It is free and open to anyone willing to abide by the community guidelines.

About Ragen Chastain

Ragen Chastain is a trained researcher, three-time National Dance Champion, AFAA certified fitness professional, and expert on weight and health who writes and speaks about Health at Every Size, self-esteem and body image. Author of the wildly popular blog and the book Fat: The Owner's Manual, and creator of the Every Body Dance Now! dance class series on DVD, Ragen's writing has also been published in forums including the Calgary Herald, Huffington Post, and Her work has been translated into multiple languages and her blog has readers on all seven continents. She is also a body image and women's health blogger for NBC's iVillage.

A leading activist in the Health at Every Size and Size Acceptance movements, Ragen has recently spoken at Google Headquarters, Dartmouth, CalTech, and Michigan State and is a feature interviewee in the documentary "America the Beautiful 2 - The Thin Commandments," released by Warner Brothers in October, 2011. She led the project that raised over $21,000 in 8 days and put up 6 billboards and 10 bus shelter ads in Atlanta to counter a fat-shaming billboard campaign; and she led the "No Skinny Minnie" petition on that garnered over 145,000 signatures and mass media coverage that resulted in changes to a promotion by Barney's and Disney.

Ragen is frequently in the media discussing issues of weight, health, and fitness including interviews by Fox News, Fox & Friends, ABC News, Entertainment Tonight, NPR, BBC, the Associated Press, HuffPo Live, All About You, New Moon Girls, and Fitness Magazine. Find out more about Ragen at

About Jeanette DePatie (AKA The Fat Chick)

Jeanette DePatie (A.K.A. The Fat Chick) is a plus-sized, certified fitness instructor and personal trainer who has helped hundreds of people who haven't worked out in a while (or ever) learn to love their bodies and love exercise again. She is author of the award-winning book and DVD, "TheFat Chick Works Out!" and she shares her workouts live on her website at: She is co-creator of the forum at with Ragen Chastain. She also co-created The Hot Flash Mob movement with Dr. Eve Agee which recently featured a simultaneous bi-coastal Hot Flash Mob in New York City and San Francisco in honor of National Menopause Awareness Month.

Ms. DePatie has held certifications from the YMCA, ACE and AFAA for Aerobics Instruction and Personal Training. She has taught many aerobics classes at various fitness levels throughout the country. Jeanette serves as a role model and an inspiration for beginning exercisers of all ages, sizes, shapes and abilities. Her unique 12-week progressive DVD helps absolute beginners to find a safe, comfortable and fun way to get fit. Her book, The Fat Chick Works Out! helps beginning and reluctant exercisers learn to get and stay fit. Ms. DePatie has also completed several distance races including a half-marathon, sprint triathlon and a full marathon.

Ms. DePatie has served as a spokeswoman for NAAFA (The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance) and currently serves as a spokeswoman (and board member) for The Association for Size Diversity and Health and a board member for the Size Diversity Task Force where she commonly speaks on the topic of Health at Every SizeĀ®. She has been interviewed many times on television, radio and in print by many important organizations including NPR, "The Dr. Drew Show", Fox News, CBS News, ABC News, The New York Times, The Boston Globe and Hallmark Channel's "Home & Family". You can learn more about Jeanette at:

Submitted by: Ragen Chastain

"Showers and sunshine bring,
Slowly, the deepening verdure o'er the earth;
To put their foliage out, the woods are slack,
And one by one the singing-birds come back."
~William Cullen Bryant
"Let us be thankful for the fools. But for them the rest of us could not succeed."
~Mark Twain

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