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"Fat girls are attractive and fantastic, There are so many things about them that are terrific. Their character is gentle, affectionate and unique. I just love their enchanting bounteous physique!" ~ Phil Moore [FA - Poet]

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She's starred in the Broadway musicals Hairspray, Cry-Baby and Fat Camp. The New York Times says, "...[she] impresses most with her powerhouse belt and mighty range. She's a lively presence when she's not singing too..".'s Eric Grode wrotes that she "...dances like a dream and injects a surprising tinge of carnality that was absent in the original production."

Yet, you may not know her name.

"She" is Carly Jibson

At a time when entertainment, including Broadway, is dominated by reedy Hollywood actress looking to stretch their acting chops, Carly Jinson is a legitimate triple-threat who more than gives them a run for their money and pushes all thoughts of that Winokur chick, with all due respect, out of our thoughts. Keep your eye on Carly Jibson! With her career that is in stratosphere launch mode, she is definitely one to watch.

Broadway Bound

A Michigan native, Carly knew her destiny and believed in it early on. She went right from high school to the "if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere" town of NY in order to pursue her career. In 10 years, Carly has starred in three spectacular, successful musicals. Two, Hairspray and Cry-Baby were derived from the film works of John Waters where she starred in lead roles as Tracy Turnblad and Pepper Walker, respectively. The third, Fat Camp wan an original rock music comedy..

The Best of Carly Jibson in Your Ear

While her second album, Baggage, is still in the works, you can enjoy Carly's work on her debut EP "Best of Me".

"There really is something for everyone on this album" says Carly. Her inspirations for the album include Lynard Skynyrd and Miranda Lambert.

The album features a modern country sound that is infused with Carly's soulful voice. All songs are original compositions and showcase Carly's strong, emotive voice.

  • Be My
  • The Dream
  • Home
  • The Letter
  • Best of Me
  • I Remember You
Best of Me CD on iTunes

Carly Jibson Online

Never ashamed of her plus sized curves, the 4'10 performer stands much taller on stage and projects a confidence and style that fills the stage.

Not content to simply own the Broadway stage, Carly created and staged a 2009 performance of her solo show, Not a Bitch...Not Yet a Woman to rave reviews. The show featured songs by Aerosmith, Cher and Miley Cyrus.

Sample her powerhouse performances by clicking the links below.

You can follow Carly's career on Twitter: @CarlyJibson

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"A Spritz of Confidence"
Former student Carly Jibson has a successful career Stage Views

Written by: Anita Williams

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