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Information about fitness, health, nutrition and weight loss

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July Recipes - Click Here

July brings us two great holidays - Independence Day in the States, and Canada Day on July 1st! Two good reasons to get out the barbecue grill and fire it up! We have a menu that will make the family want to stop celebrating and come to supper. Most of it is done on the grill, but we have a very cool dessert that even the kids will stop playing to come and sample!! There's also a summer smoothie to cool everyone down after a long day at play. Be sure to be safe around fireworks and enjoy a great holiday!!

We'd love to feature one of your favorite recipes in any one of our monthly issues, just send them on to us at Hope to hear from all of you in the following months!

July Exercises - Click Here

Each month we will feature simple exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home and without buying fancy expensive equipment.

10 Superfoods for Busy People

Mention the word ‘superfood’ and most people think of some exotic food that takes a bit of time to prepare or shop for — and one that kids may not love. So for the person who's summer is as busy as a bee's, here's a list of superfoods that are not only familiar and easy to get, but provide a big bang for their nutritional buck. Here are 10 simple, everyday foods that pack a punch in the nutrition department and are easy to prepare.

The leafy greens

Having leafy greens around is a great way to boost nutrition, as most are rich in vitamins A, C, and K and folate. Make spinach salads, use romaine on sandwiches, bake up some kale chips, or add some greens to your family’s favorite smoothie.


We love bananas in our house. They are filling, rich in potassium, and are also a prebiotic, fuel for the gut’s good bacteria. Kids usually love them and they are easily transported.

Sweet Potatoes

Like all the spuds, sweet potatoes are rich in potassium but they also pack a significant amount of vitamins A and C with a sweet taste kids like. Poke them with a fork multiple times on both sides, put in the microwave for 2-4 minutes a side (depending on size), and mash them up with a little butter and brown sugar — you have a winning side dish!

The Incredible Egg

Rich in protein and one of the richest sources of choline, a nutrient most Americans fall short on, eggs are a great bet. You can also get omega-3 rich eggs with DHA for an added bonus. The best part is they are easy to prepare either scrambled or boiled. Picky kids who won’t eat eggs often will eat French toast or other items with eggs in them.


This wonderful food is a good source of protein (from the chickpeas) and healthy fat from olive oil. Good for kids of all ages as a dip (or baby food) and for adults. Try it rolled up in a tortilla/wrap for quick lunch or mixed into lasagna. You can buy it already made or make it in less than 5 minutes.

Nuts and Seeds

With protein and healthy fats, nuts, seeds, and nut butters pack a punch. Busy families often eat in a hurry and they are perfect for making snack mixes with dried fruit and whole grain cereal. Nut butters are great for quick sandwiches — just look for the natural kind without hydrogenated oils. Bonus? They provide vitamin E, a shortfall nutrient for people of all ages.

Canned Salmon

Salmon is definitely a super food — rich in omega-3 fats, DHA and EPA, and also a source of protein and vitamin D. Canned salmon is one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to enjoy it. Just mix it with some olive oil, yogurt, and small apple chunks and you have fillings for a sandwich. You can also top on salads or make salmon cakes for pickier palates.

Whole Wheat Bread

While there are a lot of whole grain options, whole grain bread is one of the easiest to incorporate in sandwiches, grilled or plain, and in items like French toast. One sandwich and you have two out of the three recommended amounts of whole grains under your belt.


Where else can you get calcium and friendly bacteria along with nutrients like protein, B12, phosphorus, and potassium in one little package? Topped with nuts, you have the perfect snack.

Beans and Peas

The 2010 Dietary Guidelines highlight beans and peas as foods that double as both a protein source and a vegetable. Beans are easy to prepare and are rich in fiber, protein, and a slew of other nutrients. They are filling as well thanks to their soluble fiber content. So include black beans as a side (spiced with some garlic powder and cumin) or add low-fat refried beans to a whole wheat tortilla with cheese or slow cook a variety of dried beans (soaked overnight) with broth, canned tomatoes, chopped onions, and spices all day for a tasty soup.

Some of the most convenient and easy-to-prepare foods are also the healthiest.

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Submitted by: Maria Albus

Accentuate Behavious Change NOT Weight Loss

If we are to make any headway in controlling our weight issues, it must come from behaviour change. Unfortunately, we focus only on the numbers on the scale. We ignore the fact we may have resisted dessert three times this week, when previously we might have said yes to those sugary sweets.

For instance, self-talk such as: “things I do are terrible”, “I am a failure”, “I have no control over my feelings”, “I can never change” or “my misery is caused by other people” are statements that are judgemental. They are also often used as an explanation or excuse to continue eating poorly. This type of self-talk must be redirected to describe your actions, not your feelings. In doing so, you must be realistic and you must avoid negative or punitive language. Negative self-talk will only lead to negative feelings of guilt, anger, frustration and depression.

It is important to avoid focusing on pounds lost over a specific period of time. Instead, begin emphasizing behaviour. Ask yourself, “What changes in eating behaviour have you achieved?”, “Do you now sit down to eat?”, “Do you eat more slowly?”, “Do you leave more on your plate then you used to?” We need to try and make eating a sole experience, rather than associating it with other activities like TV watching, reading, etc. Focus on pre-planning snacks and meals – Make it an enjoyable experience. Admire yourself for keeping food records and recording energy intake. These are the elements of your weight control effort that really count. If you have indeed made changes in these habits, then it’s time to pat yourself on the back. Applaud yourself and say something encouraging like: “I am making progress.” or “Over time, these lifestyle changes will be WELL worth the effort.”

Essentially, what we are all trying to do is acquire long term behaviour change. Maintaining weight loss is the most difficult aspect of the weight loss journey. We must learn behaviours that will last a lifetime. Every positive change in eating behaviour that occurs is a magnificent thing. That should be the area of focus and celebration. When all we do is focus on the number on the scale (especially if by chance it hasn’t gone down), we will most likely find ourselves in the middle of negative self-talk, yet again.

The journey is long, but well worth it. Do not get discouraged when you hit plateaus. These are to be expected. Just continue learning how to control your eating (what you eat, how much you eat, when you eat) and try to identify the things that tend to steer you toward mindless eating. If you can do that, you are another step closer to winning the battle!!

You can do it. Keep on trying and don’t ever give up!

Written by: Dr Doug

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