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Do It Yourself Gel/Shellac Nails is an online pinboard to organize and share things you love. I am not a very good pinner, but my sister is excellent at it. I usually follow her pins to get the highlights. She knows of my love for gel/shellac nails and she recently pinned a do it yourself version. I decided to give it a try.

Gel/shellac nails are specials polishes that when cured with a UV light last two+ weeks. My nails grow pretty quickly, so I usually have to get them redone every two weeks. The price to get this service in a salon is $25+. They do have at home kits; you donít have to just get this treatment in a salon. There is a bit of an upfront expense because you have to use special polishes, base/top coats, and UV light.

The quick and dirty at home version involves Nutra Nail ( Activator, Essie 3-Way Glaze (, and any nail brand polish that you choose. I had a 20% off coupon for Ulta, so I paid around $16 for the activator and glaze. To do your nails, you apply one coat of the activator. It kind of smells like nail glue. Try not to get any on your cuticles. The polish can peel up if it overlaps your cuticle. Let the activator dry and apply one coat of the Essie 3-Way Glaze. Apply two coats of polish and then one more coat of the Essie 3-Way, drying between each coat. I have little patience for letting my nails dry. So, I followed it all up with a coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine. Mega Shine provides a nice sheen and dries wet nails in about one minute. I also added one extra bonus. I had wanted to play with a nail pen that I purchased a while back. I had no problems adding one extra layer to this process. (Sorry for the quality of my picture!)

When I do my nails or get a manicure using regular polish, I will have chips the day of or the next day. I donít know if I am hard on my nails or what, but regular manicured nails donít last for me. I tried this version on a Thursday. I was very rough on nails on Saturday because I packed and unpacked boxes. Sunday, I spent a large portion of the day in the swimming pool. It wasnít until Sunday that I noticed chips in my nails. It wasnít two weeks, but I was satisfied with how long this lasted to give it another try when I wonít be as hard on my nails.

Some bonus tips to make your manicure/pedicure last:

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Written by: Nikki Langston

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