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Fashion/Beauty information for SSBBWs/BBWs

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"I rarely wear makeup because I always ended up looking like a clown when I try to do it myself. And I find foundation to feel unnatural on my face. I have some acne and rosacea and never know how to cover these up without looking stupid. Should I be using liquid foundation or powder? How do I know what color to use? Should I use blush? What color? I've heard blue eye shadow is old news but I have blue eyes so how do I know what color and how to put it on? Help!! I'm totally lost and confused when it comes to makeup!!"

So excited to have a question from a reader! I wish I had more personal experience with this, but I donít. Well, the acne part I do. For the longest time, I used a Clinique acne liquid foundation. It was good and did help with my acne, but I never really liked the thickness of liquid foundations. I donít know what made me try bareMinerals (, but I did. I really do love this stuff. It is a powder. When applied with a foundation brush it turns into a sort of cream when applied to the face. It covers, but still lets your skin shine through. It is very breathable and doesnít aggravate my problems spots. The foundation can be applied with the coverage brush to cover problem spots, where needed (like the nice brown age spot I have on my left cheek). I could write a whole other article about makeup brushes (note to self!), basically a coverage brush is a smaller brush that allows you to concentrate the foundation in a particular area.

As for blue eye shadow, it can be great. If you arenít used to wearing makeup though, I would work up to that. There are lots of tutorials on YouTube for applying eye shadows. Maybe start with some lighter, more natural colors. When I want a natural look, I use a color that is close to the actual color of my eye lid.

While doing research for this article, I did find a couple of great resources for wearing makeup with rosacea:

I hope this information helps and that you find something that works for you!

Written by: Nikki Langston

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