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"Why do I love SSBBWs? I don't know! Why do some people prefer blondes and some people prefer red heads? Why do we find sunsets beautiful? I just don't know. All I do know is that for all my life the sight of a VERY large woman, with wonderful blonde hair and beautiful eyes has always melted my heart. I gave up trying to explain it long ago..." ~ Jerry [FA]

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Batman. Spider-Man. The Avengers. Superman. 2012 has certainly been (and in the case of Superman: will be) a banner year of superhero movies. Given the hyper-muscularization of most superheroes, one would think there wasn't any room for Portly Purveyors of Peace and Justice.

WRONG! BBSHs do exist.

They are not household names. They most likely won't be stars of blockbuster feature film. Heck, they don't even have a few years worth of issues. Yet, we salute the fat and the few. Below are just three Big Beautiful Superheroes (BBSH). Let us know about your favorite plus sized comic hero!

Fat Momma

The defender of the bullied everywhere, Fat Momma is the superhero side of high school counselor Nell Wilson. With super powers born of chemically altered donuts, Fat Momma confronts bullies and uses her powers only for good. She is drawn as both a super badass (see above) and as a kid-friendly character.

Born out of Stan Lee's "Who Wants To Be a Superhero" television show, Fat Momma is the creation of a real life contestant. Nell Wilson continues to appear as Fat Momma encouraging self-esteem to kids and adults alike.

Learn more about Fat Momma:

The Fat Fury (Herbie Popnecker)

A superhero from the now defunct American Comics Group, Herbie Popnecker was late 1950s boy constantly degraded by his dad, but with superpowers that made him one the mightiest superheroes EVER! With the help of his lollipops, The Fat Fury fought furiously against fiendish foes. And despite the decades that have passed, The Fat Fury has a loyal and dedicated following.

Learn more about The Fat Fury:

Big Bertha

A member of the lesser known Great Lake Avengers, Big Bertha is the ultra supersized alter ego of Ashley Crawford, the most successful fashion model in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Yes, Milwaukee.

Ashley is a mutant who responded to Mr. Immortal's open call for superheroes. Her superpower lies in her ability to grow to epic proportions that allow her to be bulletproof and extremely strong. She can distribute her fat to specific areas, but must regurgitate to return to her non-superhero state: something that does not go unnoticed by a colleague and which is not glamorized.

Learn more about Big Bertha:

The next time you see a comic book or movie superhero with super powers, remember that Big Beautiful Superheroes exist. They may be rare in a large comic universe, but hopefully their existence provides inspiration and entertainment.

Written by: Anita Williams

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