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As SSBBWs, we live in a world built for smaller people. Each day we face challenges to fit in, or even to just fit. While education and information are powerful tools, our best resource is each other. Let us know your tips or rants about this subject at

My vision with this magazine is to let you know that you are not alone. There are other SSBBWs around the world with the same issues, thoughts, worries and joys as you have. Whether you have accepted your weight and love your body, whether you are actively working to lose weight or whether you want to get healthier and have more mobility but don't know where to start, you are not alone.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, have children or not, work or are unemployed, housebound or relatively mobile, healthy or have medical issues, you are not alone.

Let's band together and share our stories, our triumphs and our pain.

Blogger: Sue
Weight: 345 lbs
Location: Ontario, Canada
Single, self employed 48 year old. No children. Relatively mobile

This month I did two things that scared me and caused me worry and grief, until I did them.

The first was car shopping. I have been procrastinating doing this for a long time. I find it embarassing to have someone watch me try to fit myself into some of these cars or try to put the seatbelt around me. However, I bit the bullet and went shopping. I went to a dealership that was recommended to me and had a very nice salesman. There were a few cars that were a bit snug but he was very good and showing me cars with lots of room. I ended up getting myself a 2007 Impala. Very snazzy car. I'm loving it!

The second was a cat scan. I was worrying about having to undress and wearing a gown that didn't fit. I was worried I'd get stuck in the machine or get claustrophic. I was worried I'd have to hold my breath for 30 seconds (like I read in some page on the internet). Anyway, I got there early and was taken right into the room. I didn't have to take off any clothes or jewellry or even my shoes!! They had me lay on this table, which they were able to lower so I could get on it easily. The table then slid into this machine which wasn't as big as I expected. My stomach just fit in there and since my head was still outside, as I went in feet first, I didn't have any issues with claustrophia. And I only had to hold my breath for 10 seconds, which was just about as long as I could. I was in and out of there in less than 10 minutes.

Blogger: Ms Christine H
Weight: 334 lbs
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Single, employed full time 46 year old with mobility.

No submission this month.

Blogger: Linda
Weight: 400 lbs
Location: Manitoba, Canada
Single 50 year old on disability, uses walker or power wheelchair.

One of my fears is public speaking, and recently I completed a training course to help those dealing with chronic illnesses. I took this program as a participate 4 years ago and I’d thought that taking the leaders training would be a great opportunity and challenge as well. I thought it may help in my public speaking as well.

The first day of the training I almost left. It was because of my insecurities about not ‘being a good fit’ for the program. I realized I was my own worst enemy and it would be no ones fault but my own. During the last break before the class ended for the day, I chatted with one of the classmates and she shared how she was feeling inadequate. I told her that I too felt the same way.

The next day she and I had to do a ‘mock teaching’ assignment. We were both nervous but we actually did very well. I was so glad I didn’t leave. I stuck it out and I been feeling pretty good about it. I also learned that I’m still too hard on myself and I need to work on this. I have quit opportunities before due to my lack of confidence. I will not back away from learning new opportunities now.

  Blogger: Nikki
Weight: 415 lbs
Location: Texas, USA
40 year old in a relationship. She works and is mobile.

Dear KILT,
First off, let me say I am a fat chick….a fat chick that can appreciate a funny fat joke. I was listening to your morning radio program on Monday, August 15, 2011 when you had Steve Carell on as a guest call in. DJ Thunder had asked Steve to help him with a friend of his that was using online dating to meet girls and was having some trouble meeting the right women. Steve suggested your friend lower his standards and DJ Foley said something along the lines of ‘that means he has to date fat chicks’. Nice. That wasn’t a funny fat joke. This is how stereotypes get propagated. I am a smart, funny, caring girl that happens to clean up pretty nicely. If any man that I dated, including the one that I am dating now (that isn’t poor, ugly, uneducated, doesn’t live in his mom’s basement, isn’t addicted to drugs or alcohol, but does happen to think I am pretty darn hot), was dating me because they felt they couldn’t do better or they were lowering their standards, I would have enough love for myself to say “no thanks”.

Their response: I am sorry you were offended. I truly mean that. I didn’t think about it from that perspective and it was completely insensitive of me. I am a curvy chick myself and I should know better.
You should never settle. The most important thing is to love yourself…if you do that, you can love someone else.
I hope you continue to listen and I promise think before I speak.
Take care and feel free to drop a line anytime.

Blogger: Ah Girl Plus Size
Weight: 95kg
Location: Singapore
Single 19 year old who is self employed and mobile.

What your dream? Dancer? Model? Singer?
So what the reason that is stopping you?
As for me, I don't even care if I am fat. All I love is to be in front of the camera! Being in front of camera make me feel like a star (kind of attention seeker haha). Here a few picture below I attach that able to let you take a look.

What we have to do is! Is to have confidence in your own curve, if you don't start loving yourself who will? Start dressing up, putting on make up like others girls! I am sure sooner or later will hook on to some guys that you like.

Confidence is alway improtant in my life, without it. I won't be taking that kind of picture, I might be sitting at home with my messy hair or like a market auntie. "In this world there is no ugly girls, only lazy girl"

Blogger: Lynn
Weight: 400lbs
Location: UK - North
39 year old single synical bisexual whose mobility is limited by ME and a fondness for falling over.

No submission this month.

  Blogger: Stephanie
Weight: 473lbs
Location: North Carolina, USA
43 year old single mother of three adult sons. She is an artist who is very mobile.

43 and I am ready to change my life. I was freaking out the other day when a friend and I were headed for coffee when I noticed the chairs in the place, OMG! all with arms, and all small as all get out. as many of you know I have a thing with chairs my Butt does not fit in most of them. you can only smoosh so much matter in a confined space, and my matter does not fit in most confined spaces. But lucky me they were closed, dodged that bullet. after I got home I started to wonder why I have let my life get were it is now, my health falling, my art work collecting dust, my house filthy, my finances in shambles, I have no love life to even complain about. with a very few notable exceptions my life is a wreck! and I can solve almost all of it but seem to lack the will power to do so? but no more waiting on prince charming to fix my life. I have for years been the slow water of change but some how everything got blocked up. I need to be my own plumber, and unclog this mess and let the nasty water out so the clean fresh water can come in.

Here are my stats the last time I was weighed I was 487 (actually down from 550) I have diabetes that was running out of control and still is, high blood pressure 170/91 (as of today) with no medical coverage not much can be done. or can it? I do not exercise at all my eating is better but has so much room or improvement I cant even say. I can take control of my life and health, be the water of change again. I bought a bunch of battled water to replace the diet sodas, not good for me at all. its still very hot not sure I will exercise much at first but I can do so much more then I am. I can clean my house for exercise its in a shameful state now. Money well I can get to selling my paintings for one, and I can do the sales job from home I was offered. bit by bit just like water I can clear out the old and move on with the new. Every day I must recommit to being the water flowing forward, clean and fresh.

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