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I get a $10 monthly beauty kit from in the mail. It has an assortment of fun things to try every month. In one of my most recent kits I received nail polish appliqué from Incoco ( You might have seen these in your local drug store; Sally Hansen makes some as well. They are like nail polish stickers for your nails. I have wanted to try them and was excited to see them in my kit.

I did a search online for tips and tricks before I started. In my set, there were 12 strips. You don’t really have much room for mess ups! They provide a few extra for that, as well as varying nail sizes. I started with clean and dry nails, with my cuticles pushed back. They recommend you start with pinky and work your way around to your thumb. That was my plan of attack. The nail polish sticker is sandwiched between a clear top film and then it also has a back film. You remove the clear top first and then the back. This was a little bit difficult to figure out/deal with, at first. You are left with a somewhat fragile sticker. I wasn’t really sure the best course to stick it on, so I just started with the edge towards my cuticle and kind of shimmied it up my nail. I did have a little bit of overlap at the cuticle. This needed to be trimmed. It the sticker isn’t securely stuck to your nail, it can come up. I also was left with lots of excess at the top of my nail. I followed the instructions and used a nail file, filing in a downward motion, to get rid of the excess.

What I discovered: my thumbs must be ginormous! The appliqué included for the thumb didn’t really fit mine. They do suggest you stretch the sticker to make the fit custom to your nail. I found this a little bit difficult at first. I didn’t have enough polish to cover my first thumb. I actually ended up taking an excess part of another appliqué and piecing it on my thumb. This probably wouldn’t work for some patterns and it wouldn’t work for solid color (you would see the line). It seemed to work for my pattern. I am not sure how long it will last, or if it will last. By the time I got to my second thumb, I did figure out the stretch and managed to make it work. I messed up on a pinky and I pieced that one, as well.

In the end, if these last anywhere near the advertised 14 days, I think they are fun and not too difficult to apply. I am sure the more you use this product, they better you get. I am not sure I would ever use a solid color, but I do love the patterns. Instead of spending a bit of cash in a salon for a nail pattern, these are a fun alternative for around $10. I will let you know how long they last and how they make it through my morning shower!

How they've worn so far: I had a chip on one nail after the first day. With the pattern I have, I was actually able to fix it with black nail polish and you can't tell the difference. I have showered, done the dishes, and cleaned. I was afraid the water/chemicals would make the polish peel. It didn't. So far, I have been pretty happy with these appliques and have received lots of compliments. I have heard/read that Sally Hansen makes a better product. Excited to try those next!

Written by: Nikki Langston

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One need not be a house;
The brain has corridors surpassing
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~Emily Dickinson
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