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Expressions in Dance

One of the biggest fallacies about fat people is that we don't move. No need to list the stereotypes, we know what they are. However, there are those of us proving the rest of the world wrong. Dancers like The Glamazons have paved the way in portraying the beauty of fat in motion.

Hip Hop, Ballet, and Contemporary dancers can look to the following groups for more inspiration. Displaying power, grace, and fluidity Heavy Impact, The Big Ballet, and Danza Voluminosa are dance groups who transcend size and nationality. They are breaking down barriers and challenging expectations. Let's celebrate our own bodies and movement by embracing the joy of dance.

Heavy Impact is best known for their appearance on the MTV show Randy Jackson presents America's Best Dance Crew (ABDC). Hailing from California, they are five guys who definitely believe that "Bigger is Better". Performing nationally, Heavy Impact has changed the minds of people in the Hip Hop dance community. Their choreography has been described as slick, sick, and bold sincere compliments that are a testament to their creativity and hard work. Sneak a peek at Heavy Impact taking on the Lady Gaga Challenge with LoveGame on ABDC.

Of all dance forms, the one most associated with all things thin, good and bad, is ballet. So, what happens when women and men of substance tackle the most classical of dance styles with humor and panache? Ask those who have been fortunate enough to see The Big Ballet dance troupe originally formed by two dancers from Russia, the uncontested home of ballet. By adding a touch of comedy, these women are proving that not only can fat dancers be beautiful, but that ballet need not be stuffy. While you may not be able to wing overseas, you can still enjoy a performance or two via YouTube. For more background, KentTV has wonderful feature story.

Citizens of Cuba may not be free to leave, but the dancers of Danza Voluminso are free to express themselves through movement. The company has consisted of dancers who have gained weight and/or retired and were considered unworthy to "dance". Juan Migel Mas has proven otherwise.The company tours on a very limited basis, but their story is universally uplifting.

Written by: Anita Williams

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