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Travel the World for the Holidays!

The holiday season is around us! Tough times and uncertainty be damned!! Around the globe there are feasts for the eyes, indoors and outside. The fee for such delightful fare? Nothing, if you join us for a virtual tour of arts and lights and sounds that are available via the internet.

For your delight, we have amassed some of the best websites for your enjoyment. View holiday lights in real time or tour a museum. We've even thrown in a couple of suggestions that are smartphone-friendly.

Happy Holidays!

Holiday Lights on Webcam

Stay warm and toasty inside while watching these beautiful light displays.

Alek's Controllable Christmas Lights for Celiac Disease
Probably the best known Christmas light display online, Alek works with the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research to raise money for the organization. You can donate online. BEWARE! Music starts automatically and is loud.

Millennium Square German Market - Leeds, UK
An old-fashion German market in the heart of Leeds. Bustling town square and festive lights!

Christmas at Graceland
The spirit of Elvis and Christmas are alive and well at the famous Graceland mansion. See the outdoor lights live and review Christmases of Elvis' past.

Christmas Market at City Hall, Vienna, Austria
They take their Christmas market and webcams seriously! Three camera, an interactive map, and remote control! Live streaming, too! This Christmas webcam has it all.

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, NYC

Museum Tours

So may museums, so little time! We've chosen some the most impactful and fun!

The Louvre, Paris, France
It's the Louvre.

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Washington, D.C.
Amazing and almost as good as the real thing. With panoramic views and choice between a comprehensive tour or individual panoramas. Not a fast load, but worth the data and time. A must see!

The Moon, Milky Way Galaxy
If you're going to travel virtually, you might as well leave the planet! See 360 degrees of the moon from the Apollo 11, 12, and 17 missions. Sorry, no Tom Hanks. and why not see Mars, as well:

V&A Museum of Childhood, London, England
Kids big and small will enjoy this trip down memory lane. Although located in London, it is sure to inspire childlike fascination and joy.

Best of the Smartphone Apps

Away from home? Here are a couple apps for your smartphone, so you can enjoy the holidays anywhere!

The Louvre, Paris, France
When it's done right, it's worth repeating.

iPhone only: (Sorry, too superior to pass up although iPhone only!)

Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, NY
Browse collections, play games and learn more about the museum and the art it holds.


MOMA, Museume of Modern Art, NYC


MoCA, Taipei, Taiwan
The Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei houses beautiful collections.


Written by: Anita Williams

Jeff’s Movie Review: The Muppets

“It’s time to play the music/it’s time to light the lights/it’s time to meet the Muppets/on the Muppet Show tonight!”

I can’t count the number of times that unendingly catchy theme tune came out of my television speakers when I was young. In fact, thanks to the advent of DVD box sets, it happens with increasing frequency as I get older. The Muppet Show was a cultural phenomenon, taking two then-dated concepts (rod puppets and sketch comedy variety shows) and combined them into a sensational, colorful mind-blowing comedy enjoyed by kids and adults alike, starring the likes of the humble and meek Kermit the Frog, the world’s most famous bear, Fozzie, the… uh… The Great Gonzo, whatever he may be, and (naturally) the best-known diva of all time, the beloved Miss Piggy.

Following Jim Henson’s death, Frank Oz’s retirement from acting and Disney’s acquisition of The Muppet license, many fans were skeptical to hear of the new team working on the new feature simply entitled The Muppets. However, the team took the marketing and ran with it in a brilliant way, releasing dozens of teaser trailers (which were usually “all-in-good-fun” parodies of other movies, like Green Lantern or the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) and even a full Muppet rendition of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. The movie debuted Thanksgiving 2011, so, what did I, a skeptical movie critic think?

I think there’s a darn good reason it’s the #1 rated movie of 2011! The charm, the wit, the rapid-fire fourth wall gags are all present in this astoundingly fantastic romp through the world of The Muppets. The story follows a new Muppet (or maybe he’s not a Muppet? The movie’s a little ambiguous about what it IS to be a Muppet but I digress) named Walter and his (human) brother, Gary (portrayed by Jason Segel) growing up as fans of the Muppets. As adults, Walter, Gary and Gary’s girlfriend, Mary (played by Amy Adams) take a special trip to Los Angeles for the happy couple’s 10th anniversary and to visit the old Muppet Studio.

To make a long story short (too late, right?) Walter ends up overhearing oil tycoon, Tex Richman (played by Chris Cooper, who chews the scenery nearly enough to qualify as a Muppet by de facto) and his cohorts’ plan to turn the studio and theater into an oil field, demolishing the Muppets’ history (this is played completely for laughs, of course). Throughout the events that ensue, Walter meets Kermit the Frog and the four decide the only option is a legal point in the contract, that if the Muppets raise 10 million dollars, they could buy back their studio and theater. The only choice is clear: they have to get the gang back together and put on The Muppet Show one more time.

The hour-and-a-half (plus change) feature flies by with fast-paced comedy, heart-tugging drama, a solid soundtrack (though, admittedly, some of the songs are non-sequitur, it doesn’t stop them from being enjoyable) and really memorable moments, which fly by in no time at all. It really felt like a feature-length episode of The Muppet Show of yesteryear, complete with both new talent (Kermit here is voiced by Steve Whitmire, the student of Henson himself whereas Fozzie and Piggy are portrayed here by Eric Jacobson) and some returning voices (Gonzo’s original voice, Dave Goelz, returns to play the part in this film as well). The cast is star-studded, ranging from Muppet vets like Whoopi Goldberg to more recent names like Jack Black, who features prominently in the film’s climax.

For those more concerned about the movie being “family friendly” without being intellectually degrading like most “family” films are, have no fear. The Muppets is a family-friendly romp with jokes both kids and adults will appreciate. It has its own special sense of continuity, opening jokes for old fans and newcomers alike (though I must say if you weren’t already a Muppets convert, this isn’t the one that’ll make you see the light) and the songs are not only clean, they’re addictive and catchy (sans one very unusual instance involving chickens incoherently “singing” what I can only refer to as a nonsense iteration of “Cluck You”). The themes of family, friendship and love run through and through this masterfully-designed bit of cinematography, striking a powerful and moving chord. If this movie doesn’t make you cry or laugh during its runtime, check in with a doctor and make sure you’re not part of SkyNet.

All-in-all, The Muppets is easily my #1 movie of the year and the fact that it isn’t #1 at the box office right at this instant really is a shame. It’s touching, it’s beautiful, it’s fun, it’s hilarious, it’s wonderful. Go see it as soon as you can – it’s worth it even at full-price ticket times. You won’t be disappointed.

Written by: Jeff M.

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