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Pretty in Pink

I cuss, I drink beer, and at times I have the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy. But, at heart, I am a girl. I like pink, glitter, and all things that sparkle! That is why I love this product called Eye Kandy. I was first introduced to this amazing glitter last year. I was attending the Austin BBW Labor Day bash and noticed a lady walking by me that had the most sparkling toes I had ever seen in my life. I had to stop her and ask about it. Her name is Michele; she sells the product and was actually doing a demo on it that day. Lucky me!

There are two parts to this product: the Liquid Sugar base and the Eye Kandy Sprinkles. The beginnerís kit comes with the Liquid Sugar, some glitter, and an applicator brush. The Liquid Sugar is a squeeze bottle. You squeeze just a bit into the lid; it doesnít take much! Get your brush wet by dipping it into the liquid in the lid and then drag the brush through the glitter. It is then ready to be applied. You can make a finer line or a bigger line. It is better to build small and let dry, one eye at a time. Several different colors can be applied or just one. When finished applying, dump out the liquid in the lid and wash brush. The liquid used really does help with flaking. I have worn it out all evening long and still had most of the glitter left on my eye lids by nightís end. Their website claims that it is safe for contacts. And, I have found that it is. I just usually have to take out my extended wear contacts and clean them, after I wear the glitter. Normal cosmetics I donít have to do this.

The great thing about this glitter is that it can be worn other places. I have seen it used on the lips, cheeks, and other places on the body to make glittery body art. And, as I said, Michele had it on her nails. You can apply a coat of the glitter, in the same manner as used on the eyes, over nail polish or on the bare nail. A clear coat should be applied over glitter to secure.

Michele, the BBW that introduced me to this product, happens to have a nail salon in Austin, TX. It is called Bloomingnails Studio. I recently got a pedicure from her. Not only is she very aware of a bigger girl and being comfortable, but she does a great pedicure. We used this product and now my toes sparkle just like my personality!

Michele at Blooming Nails Studio in Austin Tx has kindly offered a 15% discount to anyone who comes in and mentions SSBBW Magazine. You can get more information and directions at

Visit for more product information.

Written and submitted by: Nikki Langston

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