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Skin Care in the Summer

This is a subject that is near and dear to me right now. As I am getting older, I am discovering more sun spots and wrinkles. Last year I had a treatment to remove some of the sun spots from my face. The laser technician told me that staying out of direct sun is only half the battle. You can get damage from sun rays even if you are out of the sun. I travel in my car a lot for work. That is probably where most of my damage came from, rays through my car windows. Sunscreen needs to be applied everyday. Most make up foundations now come with sunscreen. Also, there are many moisturizers that reverse the signs of aging and have some SPF. I have been using Neutrogena Age Shield + Repair Anti-Aging Sunblock SPF55. The price is around $10. Beyond sunscreen, the following will also help protect your skin during the summer months and give you a nice glow:

Remember, use sunscreen everyday with at least a minimum of 15 SPF, even if you are only exposed to the sun for a minimum amount of time. If you follow these steps, not only will you look younger, you with have healthy, glowing skin!

Written and submitted by: Nikki Langston

Swim Suits

Summer's here and it's the season for swimsuits. Though there are probably many of us who wouldn't be caught dead in public in a bathing suit there are also many who anxiously wait for the summer to flaunt what they've got. But finding a classy, good quality swimsuit for our sizes can be quite a challenge.

We've searched the internet for you and found a few websites that will hopefully make your shopping a bit easier.

Featuring original and unique Plus Size Swimsuits and other Fashions. From 1x-6x.
Specially designed for the Plus Size woman by a Plus Size woman.
All swimsuits and other fashions are created, designed and sewn by me, one at a time. They make all the patterns, do all the lay-ups, cutting and sewing. Only the best quality fabrics, notions and threads are used. All fashions are sewn using professional, industrial sewing machines. With over 30 years of experience, quality is the number one goal.

Pictures courtesy of ByRo Designs

Exclusively yours from Love Your Peaches... made-to-order swimwear! Bikini tops, halter tops, skirted tops, tankini tops... we have the perfect swimwear top for YOU. Choose your favorite style and your favorite color(s). Since our swimwear is sold as separates, this allows our customers to mix and match sizes, too!

Picture courtesy of Love Your Peaches

We aren't going to tell you that the only thing a plus size woman can wear is a mumu or caftan! That sucks and we don't buy it! That's why we offer all styles in sizes up to 12X! We aren't trying to hide your beautiful curvaceous figures in shapeless montrosities. We believe that if it would look good on a skinny chicks than it would look 10 times better on us!
Please note that our swimsuits are custom made. Shipment of these items will take about 2-4 weeks.

Picture courtesy of Big Gals Lingerie

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