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You can’t call me a small woman.
I’m a large, take charge, on the ball woman.
A bounce back up when I fall woman.
No, you can’t small woman, me.

You can’t call me a petite woman
I’m a proud, not loud, no defeat, woman
A stand out in the crowd, elite woman
A petite woman I will never be.

What you can call me is all woman
With curves that make men swerve and
sometimes fall, woman
I am the epitome of what makes men call,

I am, ALL woman,
the way
I was made to be.

Written and submitted by: Jan Tawakalna

We have had a story submitted by a reader. Because of it's length it has been broken down into three chapters and we'll post one chapter a month for the next few months.

Shopping Day

Chapter One

Opening her closet, Jane realized that she had nothing to wear. At least nothing to wear that resembled a dress. One that would look good on her and hide her large body. Jane’s dilemma at the closet door happens often. She is never satisfied with her wardrobe, but today was even more so. Jane’s office was having their annual Christmas party in two days and this year the boss decided to make it formal. “Ughh, how could he do this to me”, she thought. Throwing on an old pair of sweatpants and her favorite pink top, Jane headed out to the mall for what she already knew would be another sad shopping trip for nice clothes. “Why don’t these stores get it”, she thought as she started out the door. A trip to the dentist seems much less painful than one to the mall for new clothes. Still, she knew that she would have to come up with something.

It was early yet and the mall was not busy. Jane preferred to go early if she had to go at all. At least this way there are few people there. Jane headed into Catherine’s dress shop and began to browse. Rack after rack she sifted through possibilities. With each rack came disappointment and resentment. Jane hated her size. Considered by most to be a “SSBBW” or super sized big beautiful woman as they say, Jane’s curves were far too large for most clothes to contain them. Embarrassed by her size, Jane was looking for something large enough to hide in she thought. “Hooray” she exclaimed as she found a dress that she thought might look do the trick. Heading to the dressing room, Jane tried on this dress, praying for a great result. When she looked in the mirror, she saw the dress was much more conforming to her ample curves than she thought. Jane smiled and then frowned. The sides of the dress hugged her wide hips and the front of was too low cut, showing much of Jane’s deep cleavage. This look bothered here as she did not want any of her body showing. Sadly, she went to take off the dress, but then thought she would just go out and see if a clerk knew of a similar style with a higher neckline and more of a draped-look.

Standing in front of the dressing room, as usual there was no clerk to be found. Jane headed back to the rack and figured she would check again. In the corner of her eye, Jane saw a man looking in from the front window. Ignoring him, Jane continued to look for the perfect dress to hide in for this dreaded Christmas party. “Why must they do this to me” Jane exclaimed, becoming more frustrated as she looked. Flying through the rack like a kid looking for their favorite gemstone in the dirt, Jane heard a soft voice say “excuse the intrusion miss, but may I compliment you on that dress you are wearing.” Looking up, Jane saw the man that was outside the store window looking in, now standing next to her. He was an average looking guy with a nice shape and a soft face. He seemed shy and rather reserved, yet he somehow mustered up the courage to give a compliment. Not sure what she should say, Jane politely said “thanks” and kept looking. The man once again broke in and said “you should buy that one; it really does flatter your beautiful shape.” Jane now annoyed, thought that the man was picking on her. “I have no shape, I am fat” Jane exclaims. Not scared off, the man replies “you say fat, I say heavenly and beautiful.” Jane’s defense softened some now and she politely thanked the nice man. She continued picking out some outfits and headed back to the dressing room. She could see the man leaving. Part of her wanted to stop him, but she thought that may not be a good idea. “Keep your defenses high dear Jane and you cannot be hurt”, she tells herself.

With no more luck on any other outfits, Jane decided on the dress the man complimented her in. She figured she can sew the neckline up and it would be okay. She grabbed some accessories for her dress and completed her purchase. As Jane was leaving the mall, she could not help but think about the nice man and what he had to say. Could he be for real, she thought. Oh wells, he is gone now. Just as she emerged from the store, there she saw him, walking away towards the parking lot. Her heart leapt and she felt a tingle in her belly. She wanted to stop him and say something, but knew that she would feel a fool. She kept walking, keeping an eye on him. As they approached the open air, Jane saw him head into the parking lot, down the same row she parked in. His car was towards the front and hers further back. She saw him turn in next to his vehicle and start to unlock his door. She continued past, saying nothing. The man looked up and wished her well. She smiled and slowly continued on. The tingling in her belly was now much more and she tried to get her feet to stop and talk to him.

As she continued past, finally silence was broken. The man hollered out “excuse me again miss” and she stopped dead in her tracks. As Jane turned around, she saw his soft smile as he approached. The man apologized for stopping her. Jane said it was okay and waited to see what he had to say. The man, visually nervous now, said “I know that you may not believe in love at first site, but please may I tell you that I think you are the most beautiful woman I have seen.” Jane was in shock, not knowing how to respond. Her little common sense angel spoke up in her head and she said “yea right, at my size, beauty is not possible.” The man frowned; feeling like a ton of bricks just hit him in the stomach. Jane saw the disappointment in his eyes, and realized she was rude. Apologizing immediately, the man said it was okay, he understood. The man, although still visually nervous, was determined. He asked her politely to honor him with a coffee at the shop next door. Jane was so taken back, she obliged and the two headed back into the mall towards the coffee shop. The man held the door open for her, twice! Wow, this is new she thought. The two sat down and ordered two cups of coffee. The man, still nervous, offered his hand and said “I am Bill; it is a true pleasure to meet you.” Jane took his hand and shook it firmly, “I’m Jane, thanks for the coffee.” This sounded lame to Jane, but it was all she could come up with.

Stayed tuned next month for Chapter Two.

"One should always be in love. That is the reason one should never marry."
~Oscar Wilde
"The Eskimos have 52 words for snow because it is so special to them; there ought to be as many for love."
~Margaret Atwood

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