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Every month we will feature an exercise developed by our very own Personal Trainer, Mike Tattersall (as he says - Trainer to the Stars - 'cause we're all stars) - Ottawa, Ontario. We will use pictures to show an SSBBW doing the exercise and an explanation on how to do it. All our exercises can be done in the privacy of your own home and using things you have around the house. So throw your workout clothes on and get moving!

This month's exercises....


Equipment: None

Starting Position : Sit, stand or lay down


The pressure from the abdominals against your spine has to be balanced by the lower back muscles to keep your spine stable. That is why you feel it in your lower back.

The muscle you are working is the transversalis. It is the inner most layer of your abdominal wall. It is the layer that holds your organs in. If that muscle is not strong everything sags. You can reduce your waist size just by exercising that muscle and holding your muscles in properly. whether you are thin, heavy, fit or not fit this will work.

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