Yes, You Can!

Every month we will feature an exercise developed by our very own Personal Trainer, Mike Tattersall (as he says - Trainer to the Stars - 'cause we're all stars) - Ottawa, Ontario. We will use videos and/or pictures to show an SSBBW doing the exercise and an explanation on how to do it. All our exercises can be done in the privacy of your own home and using things you have around the house. So throw your workout clothes on and get moving!

Back in May 2010 we started using YouTube videos to demonstrate the exercises. You can watch our introduction video on YouTube at or subscribe to our YouTube channel at

This month we again combined the Q&A and exercise into one video. The question was "what is cardio". Mike explains all about cardio, what it is, what it means for us and how to incorporate it easily into our day. If you have a question for Mike, please submit them to

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