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We have had a story submitted by a reader. Because of it's length it has been broken down into three chapters and we'll post one chapter a month for the next few months. You can read Chapter One here and Chapter Two here

Shopping Day

Chapter Three

Jane’s peering out the window has paid off as she finally sees Bill pull in. She meets him at the door and his eyes grew wide. With shyness in his voice once again, he complimented how good she looked. Saying a plain thank you, she dismissed his compliment and they left for the dreaded Christmas party. This year however, Jane looked forward to it at least a little bit. Arriving on time, Jane could see the surprised look in her co-worker’s faces. They were surprised for two reasons; first Jane never wears dresses, and second Jane always comes to the party alone. Jane could see that some smiles were of shock, and some were of genuine happiness for her. She went around and introduced Bill, making sure she emphasized he was just a friend. She said this as if she was trying to convince herself, as the tingle in her belly was back again. Inside Jane was truly happy at that moment, but did not want to show it. “Keep your defenses high” Jane told herself once more. As much as she tried this throughout the night, she found that she was having a wonderful time with Bill. Their interactions with each other were so comfortable that she felt different, very different. She saw a sparkle in his eyes. She felt comfortable next to him. He would every so often give her a light touch to the arm that sent chills up her spin. She soon realized that she wanted more than a light touch, much more. She knew though that such a thought was an unreachable dream.

In years past, Jane would always leave the party early. Her goal was always to make a quick appearance and go. This was not the case tonight. Jane and Bill stayed until the end and enjoyed every minute of it. As the party came to a close, Jane enjoyed many compliments on her “new friend.” She also found that she had equally as many compliments on her new dress. Still uncomfortable with so much attention, she continued to dismiss most compliments, even though she secretly loved hearing every line. Bill grabbed her coat and helped her put it on. It was a beautiful night out and Bill suggested a nice walk. The party was held at a club next to the river. A beautifully lit walkway ran alongside the riverbank and was a nice place to have quiet time. She agreed and the two headed out the door. They walked slowly, sharing laughs about the party. She truly enjoyed herself this year she said and thanked Bill for coming along. Bill said it was truly his pleasure. She smiled, feeling that tingle come back again. Bill leaned in close to her, smiling and asked permission for a kiss. Jane nodded yes and their lips met. The warmth of his soft lips met hers. Bill’s embrace was strong around her waist as their kiss lasted for a long time. Oh if this could never end she thought, feeling passion through every second their lips touched. Deciding to sit on a nice bench off the river trail, they embraced again and continued their kiss. Their bodies were locked into each other as each held on tight. Their kiss was driving an incredible passion that Jane has not felt in a long time. Wanting more, Jane opened her mouth ever so slightly and slipped her tongue into Bill’s mouth. Her followed suit and their passionate kiss gave way to more. Bill began caressing Jane softly on her back and sides. She could feel his soft yet strong hands caress her soft hips, sliding gently across her back. The silky feel of the new dress on her skin added to the passion as he continued to caress. Passions rose as their kisses continued. Both realizing that the temperature outside was getting colder, they decided to leave. Driving back home, after this time together, was quiet and somewhat awkward for Jane. The trip seemed to take forever, yet it was relatively quick with no traffic. Arriving at Jane’s house, Bill walked her to the door and thanked her for a truly wonderful evening. Not wanting the evening to end, Jane hesitantly invited Bill inside.

Wanting to continue their kisses, Jane pressed her lips tight against his. They made their way to Jane’s couch and continued their caresses with each other. Bill’s touch was intoxicating to Jane. Feeling his left hand on her hip, she reached down and motioned his hand to her full breast. Jane was always embarrassed about the size of her breasts, but not today. Bill’s hand gently glided across her soft, plump breast. Her endless cleavage was a pure joy to Bill as he swept his hand up and down her breast, exploring every inch. His hand started to wander inside the low cut opening she previously complained about. She was worried for a moment, as her bra was one of those industrial types, one that she did not see as sexy at all. “Why don’t they make sexy bras for those of us with big boobs” she thought. This always annoyed Jane, whose size was such that she needed to go to specialty shops for here bras. Well she had to go to specialty shops for just about everything anyways she added to complete her thought. Focusing back on Bill’s touch and kiss, she wanted to feel his touch on her skin. Jane reached down and pulled at her neckline ever so slightly, pushing Bill’s hand inside her dress. Leaning her head back, Bill moved his kissing to her neck and ears. This gave Jane a feeling of ecstasy as he kissed ever so gently. Jane reached behind herself and pulled down the zipper on the back of her dress. This allowed her to pull the neckline further off of her breasts, exposing more. Bill began kissing her breasts, as he reached around with her guidance and began unhooking her wide bra. As each hook became undone, Jane grew more impatient. “Damn these hooks” she thought. Bill made it through all five rows and began sliding her bra away from her body some. Jane worked her breasts out of their cups and lay back as if offering them to Bill. Seeing the sight of her full breasts for the first time placed a look of shock on Bill’s face. He was in awe of their beauty and size. Jane began unbuttoning his shirt and quickly removed it. Bill continued to caress Jane’s soft and large hips, feeling the softness of her skin. He caressed her large belly as he kissed her soft breasts. Knowing where they were headed, they both felt comfortable and continued on into the bedroom. Jane slid her dress off over her large hips and tummy, letting it fall to the ground. Bill removed his clothes as well to Jane’s delight. They laid down on the bed continuing their passion.

Morning came way too fast Jane thought. As she laid there in her bed, she realized that Bill had her close in his arms. Jane smiled, realizing that she has found the man of her dreams. Their love-making was a feeling she had never felt so before. Their touch was intimate and soft, and mutual. Feeling Bill’s hand start to move across her belly, she turned over and kissed him gently. “Good morning beautiful” Bill spoke quietly. “Good morning to you sweet” she replied, kissing him once again. Lying in bed a while longer, Bill and Jane caressed and talked, neither one in any hurry to leave their paradise. “How could this wonderful man have come into my life” Jane thought. All at once it came to her; the dreaded shopping experience. Jane had always hated shopping, especially for clothes. Jane’s trip to the mall just a few short days earlier was to be the same bad experience. Instead, she met Bill, who took the time to compliment her. Jane smiled to herself thinking back on her wonderful experience shopping this time. Jane looked deep into Bill’s eyes and just then realized; she is a beautiful woman.

"Tomb, thou shalt not hold Him longer;
Death is strong, but Life is stronger;
Stronger than the dark, the light;
Stronger than the wrong, the right..."
~Phillips Brooks, "An Easter Carol"
"Let us be thankful for the fools. But for them the rest of us could not succeed."
~Mark Twain

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